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The cost of an inground pool installation
1024 774 Nisha Muire

Summer in Toronto is just around the corner and with the lockdowns still in place people will once again have to find ways of enjoying the warm weather at home. Last year the lockdown resulted in a huge boom in…

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Things to do when moving into a new house
618 929 Nisha Muire

Toronto real estate’s busiest time of year is gearing up. Traditionally spring has always been the hottest time for home sales and this year is no exception. If you are among the intrepid bunch who are contemplating a move in…

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To rent or buy?
1024 683 Nisha Muire

The Toronto spring real estate frenzy is just gearing up. Buyers are getting ready to bid and homeowners are preparing their homes to ensure maximum gain when they sell. However, is buying the right option for you? While it is…

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Pandemic-driven home trends
1024 685 Nisha Muire

It is nearly a year since the pandemic forced Toronto residents to retreat to their homes. Over the past 12 months people have realized just how functional or not their home is based on having to use it as more…

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Staying warm without breaking the bank
623 718 Nisha Muire

Winter in Toronto is decidedly cold. The seasonal drop in temperatures across the country can cause debilitating spikes in heating costs. To keep your home heating costs steady through the year, there are a number of little things you can…

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2021 launches on a high note
1024 542 Nisha Muire

Welcome back! 2021 in the Toronto real estate market is certainly taking its lead from the last quarter of 2020. Despite the pandemic buyers were eager and their enthusiasm drove the real estate market to post record gains in some…

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Happy Holidays!
684 1024 Nisha Muire

It’s already that time of year again in Toronto – the holidays are upon us and people’s thoughts turn to thoughts of turkey, stuffing and tinsel. Usually the holidays are a time when the real estate market in Toronto slows…

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Toronto condo market weakens
1024 704 Nisha Muire

Toronto’s condo market, which for years was robust and posted yearly gains, has softened and regular investors are having to make difficult choices. According to the Financial Post, where investing in a condo seemed like a solid, secure investment even…

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How to write a purchase letter
683 1024 Nisha Muire

Toronto real estate has been so hot buyers want whatever edge they can get when bidding. Hence, many have begun writing letters to sellers to help land their perfect next home. We’ve all heard about these letters – the person…

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Condo living during a pandemic
1024 678 Nisha Muire

For nearly two decades the condo market in Toronto has been on a tear. Sales have increased month-over-month and year-over-year with no end seemingly in sight… Until now. The pandemic has brought to light the limitations of condo life. When…

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