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Prepping your home for market

1024 683 Nisha Muire

Selling your Toronto home is not all that complicated – real estate is in such hot demand that any home will sell, and will sell high. However, if you want top dollar for your place, then there are things you can do to help boost your bottom line. Regardless of whether you are able to…

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Getting Ready for the Spring Sale Season

1024 683 Nisha Muire

Toronto might be in the grip of winter’s deep freeze, but that means it’s the perfect time to start thinking of the upcoming real estate season. Yes, the market might be very slow right now and if you are either looking for a new home or putting your home on the market, you might be…

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New Year and the Real Estate Market

500 237 Nisha Muire

Happy new year to one and all!   With the dawning of 2018, the Toronto real estate market seems to be stuck in first gear. With the introduction of new regulations to stem the tide of soaring housing markets in Toronto and Vancouver in the spring of 2017, both real estate sectors were stopped in…

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Happy Holidays!

640 423 Nisha Muire

Home is what the holidays are all about. Being home with family and friends is why so many people look forward to this time of year. Sometimes it is the only time of year many of us are able to get together. The one thing we all have in common though, is that home is…

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Homestyle Holidays: Fireplace Mantles

427 640 Nisha Muire

When it comes to the holidays in your Toronto home, nothing says festive like a decorated fireplace mantle. Whether you like the minimalist look or go all out hanging stockings with care, the fireplace is usually the focal point of every home and should definitely get the kind of holiday dressing it deserves.   Candles…

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Gas Fireplaces

266 189 Nisha Muire

Toronto winters can be long and shivery. Installing a fireplace is always a popular idea yet many urban municipalities no longer permit wood-burning fireplaces due to the emissions they produce. However, gas fireplaces are a viable alternative, which offer many benefits over the traditional wood models.   One of the biggest draws of the gas…

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Manual vs Electric Garage Doors

313 161 Nisha Muire

Are you thinking of replacing your Toronto garage door? Deciding between replacing it with a manual or electric garage door can be a tricky decision to make. Although there are clear advantages for one over the other – especially given our cold winters, there are other factors that you might want to consider before deciding.…

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The evolution of home security

721 400 Nisha Muire

Home security in Toronto has gone from neighbourhood watches to super-sophisticated computers and cameras that can detect friends from foes and give you far more control over your private sphere when you are away than ever before.   Home security used to consist of neighbours watching out for each other. Then came the home alarm…

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Should you install security cameras?

1024 768 Nisha Muire

Installing security cameras at your Toronto home can be a question of security, but also one of privacy. When it comes to whether or not to install cameras, there are a few points to take into consideration beforehand.   The biggest consideration is privacy. How much privacy are your family members willing to give up…

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Choosing the right home security system

640 360 Nisha Muire

Toronto home security is a big business and the system you choose to secure your home will reflect the level of control you want over what your system can do.Some systems are quite unsophisticated and include sensors and triggers at key entry points and nothing more, while other systems can include multiple cameras and live…

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