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Buying a resale home in Ontario

8 Foster Creek Drive, Newcastle

150 150 Patrick Gillis

8 Foster Creek Drive listed in Newcastle
by Patrick Gillis

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204 Milligan St, Newcastle

150 150 Suzi Recine

204 Milligan St listed in Newcastle
by Suzi Recine

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205-385 Lakebreeze Dr, Newcastle

150 150 Digalakis + Brown (Gary)

205-385 Lakebreeze Dr listed in Newcastle
by Gary Brown

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Buying a Toronto Resale Home

150 150 Nisha Muire

Buying a resale home in Toronto is much the same as purchasing one in any other part of the country. Resale properties can be several different things – fixer-uppers that will permit you to buy into the neighbourhood of your choice, turnkey in a mature community with all of the services and infrastructure already in…

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