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About Us

creative, full-service graphic design firm

Founded in 2002, Imaginahome Inc. is a creative, full-service graphic design firm focused on providing real estate professionals with powerful and innovative marketing solutions. Our avant-garde brand creation is specifically designed to distinguish each of our clients from others in their industry. We also service the real need that real estate professionals have for captivating photography, elegant copywriting, magazine-like feature sheets, professional printing and custom designed agent branding – all offered with a quick turnaround time.


You are a perfectionist who delivers only the best to your clients – so you in turn deserve the best.
Among the many benefits of working with Imaginahome Inc. is access to a creative and energetic team of specialists experienced in every aspect of this competitive business.

You get:

  • Professional photographers who have photographed thousands of properties over the years, giving them an edge when it comes to knowing what looks good and what doesn’t.
  • Inspired and imaginative graphic designers who know how to showcase a property perfectly.
  • Beautiful prose written to highlight the best features of your property, the neighbourhood and the lifestyle that goes with it.
  • A full-time staff ready and waiting to take your requests and make design changes to suit your needs.
  • Top-notch, consistent branding tools that will give you an instantly recognizable identity.

Our boutique services catering to high-end realty professionals put us in a unique niche among real estate marketing service providers.
Imaginahome Inc. gives you the power of a well-oiled and dedicated marketing team. We have the expertise, the tools and experience to help you get noticed in the oversaturated marketplace.

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