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How to use your cabin as a part-time rental
350 263 Nisha Muire

You now have a wonderful Toronto cottage to get-away to every weekend. But what happens to your natural paradise the rest of the time? During the downtime, you can monetize your cottage and earn extra money. It can help pay…

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How to will a chalet to your children
259 194 Nisha Muire

Toronto chalets are hot and heating up further. Moving to cottage country has mot only become fashionable, but is one of the feasible ways for younger people to own property without the massive price of what a place in the…

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Lakeside Living
274 184 Nisha Muire

Nothing says summer better than sitting in a lawn chair on a dock overlooking a lake while sipping a cool drink. Lakeside living in Toronto is actually easy to find given the number of superb lakes that the province boasts.…

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Finding a weekend get-away
900 675 Nisha Muire

Looking for a Toronto weekend getaway place? A little cottage by a lake where you can wile away your free time? You are not alone. Cottage country has become big business of late in the GTA fuelled mainly by the…

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Cottages and Country Living
300 168 Nisha Muire

With Toronto home prices so high, cottage and country living has become one of the most viable alternatives to buying a house in the city. Owning a cottage is a great way to truly disconnect when you arrive home. Whether…

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Tiny Home, Big Budget – Luxury in a Small Space
1024 770 Nisha Muire

Tiny homes in Toronto are a growing trend. While most people look to tiny homes as an alternative to traditional housing in a bid to build an inexpensive and affordable home, a large number of people are opting to make…

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Can a tiny home work for you?
1024 451 Nisha Muire

Tiny homes are quite the rage right now. It is no wonder really; with the cost of real estate reaching record levels, young people and those who want to simplify their lives have started looking for an alternate way to…

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Using drone photography to boost sales
1024 502 Nisha Muire

Successful Toronto realtors know that they always need to be one step ahead of the game in order to keep their clients happy. To this end, they will opt for all of the latest tools available for displaying their listings…

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Illegal drone operations in Toronto
650 325 Nisha Muire

Drones have become very popular in the past few years. They have become so popular, in fact, that even children are in on the action and receive them as gifts at Christmas time! However, if you are planning on flying…

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Tiny homes – fad or forward-looking
1024 451 Nisha Muire

Tiny Toronto homes might be the way of the future. Already serving the needs of young couples who want to live debt-free, these innovative constructions are typically less than 500 square feet and have clever features for storage and for…

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