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Nisha Muire

Spring Cleaning Time!

590 400 Nisha Muire

Spring has arrived in Toronto and with it brings the urge to clean-up after a long and arduous winter. This year, instead of stopping at the usual clean-up of walls, windowsm, furniture, ceilings and floors, why not take it a step further? In the spirit of Marie Kondo, try decluttering to simplify you home and…

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What to do in case of flooding

800 500 Nisha Muire

With the rainy spring that Toronto has been hit with this year, many homeowners who live by bodies of water are scrambling to protect their homes from rising water levels. However, there are ways that you can protect yourself from rainy days and their devastating effects on a house. Whether you are just building your…

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Keep Your Toronto Home Dry During the Spring Thaw

1024 683 Nisha Muire

Spring is one of the most dangerous times of year for Toronto homes and water damage. Thawing snow has an insidious way of infiltrating roof seams, windows and doors to cause damage to interior structures and finishes. Unchecked water build-up from snow melt can also affect foundations and lead to severe damage if left unchecked.…

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Watch Out for Bedroom Designs That Might Interrupt Your Sleep

1024 640 Nisha Muire

Trends come and go, but sometimes they disrupt the very purpose of a room. The bedroom should always support healthy sleep. Getting enough rest is crucial for immune system health, clear thinking, and appetite control. Creating a room that welcomes healthy sleep means finding design trends that work with your personality and style while making…

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Insurance rates and Toronto neighbourhoods

850 565 Nisha Muire

When calculating car insurance rates in Toronto insurance companies take into consideration all of the normal criteria such as your age and gender demographics, your driving history, the make, age and colour of your vehicle as well as where you routinely park your car. However, in Toronto, one other factor comes into play – your…

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Keeping the cachet

1024 683 Nisha Muire

Many Toronto homes built in the late 1800s still stand today and in the hot real estate market these often centrally placed residences are highly-coveted. If you are fortunate enough to snag one of these beautiful properties, chances are you have a lot of work to do to upgrade the interior to meet today’s safety,…

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5 Simple Ways To Add Personality To Your Rented Apartment

1024 683 Nisha Muire

All of us have a vision of how our perfect Toronto home would look – probably a big mansion with luxurious items and a swimming pool in the back garden! However, the vision doesn’t always match reality. Sometimes many of us find a home in a rented property until the time comes for buying your…

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To renovate or to sell?

560 315 Nisha Muire

With Toronto real estate values so high it is no wonder that many homeowners vacillate between whether they should buy a new home or simply upgrade their existing residence. In many instances upgrading an existing home makes a lot of sense, but it really depends on a number of various factors. Sometimes just finding a…

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Hottest Real Estate Neighborhoods in the GTA

400 200 Nisha Muire

Toronto’s real estate market is hot. Despite the slow down that it experienced last year, the market is still humming along nicely. Although the gains are not as high as those seen in previous years, they continue in the high single digits. So, investing in the housing market remains a wise decision. Naturally, there are…

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Getting into an overvalued real estate market

630 315 Nisha Muire

If you have been thinking of getting into the Toronto housing market you will have noticed that what you can get for your money varies tremendously from neighbourhood -to-neighbourhood. First-time buyers are always at a disadvantages when it comes to getting their feet wet in real estate when the market is high because being able…

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