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Nisha Muire

Creating an income suite

1000 667 Nisha Muire

Incomes suites in Toronto are a great way of subsidizing the growing cost of owning a property. Whether you are just starting out as a homeowner or you already have the house of your dreams and are looking to downsize, creating an income suite is a smart investment.   Income suites are a clever way…

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Trees to avoid to protect your house

506 338 Nisha Muire

When it comes to planting trees, knowing the ones to avoid to protect your house is crucial. There are many leafy neighbourhoods in Toronto but there are also many new neighbourhoods with few trees for shade and beauty. It is completely understandable that homeowners would want to spruce up their yards with a tree or…

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Protect your fruit trees from pests

658 651 Nisha Muire

Protecting your fruit trees from pests in Toronto is actually not all that hard. There are a few very simple precautions that you must take to ensure a bumper crop of fruit throughout the growing season. Since most pests and fungi tend to overwinter to emerge strong in the spring, it is best to take…

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Caring for your hedges

259 194 Nisha Muire

If you love the look of hedges for your Toronto home, but don’t know exactly how to maintain them so that they maintain their healthy, green fullness, don’t despair – it’s actually rather easy. We will take a look at the basics of hedge care below.   Planting your hedges should be done in loose,…

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Fish pond care

500 375 Nisha Muire

Having a fish pond in your Toronto garden can add serenity and tranquility to your backyard. You can landscape your fish pond to look natural and add benches and sitting areas around it to maximize the return you can get from its beauty. While fish ponds require a bit more care than an average garden,…

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The Costs of Island Living

580 435 Nisha Muire

If you live in the bustling Toronto metropolis, then it is normal to imagine escaping to your own island on weekends or holidays. Such dreams are much more attainable as you might think, but you must be prepared for the costs that come along with island living.   First finding the island – there are…

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What to Look For in a Condo

525 350 Nisha Muire

Condo living in Toronto makes far more sense than it ever did due to the unaffordability of single-family homes. However, buying shrewdly is what will ensure you come out on top when it comes to resale.   If you are looking for a building with a lot of amenities such as an indoor swimming pool…

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Is Condo Living For Families?

1000 750 Nisha Muire

With the rising cost of single family homes in Ontario, apartment and condo living has become more desirable and affordable for many families. However, how feasible is it to live comfortably with a family in a condo? Luckily, the answer is that it can be very comfortable! Depending on the complex you choose, condos can…

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Is it better to buy or rent a cottage?

600 315 Nisha Muire

The answer to the question of whether to buy or rent a cottage in Toronto is one that will always be a very personal one. The decision to either purchase your own country place or rent one every year will come down to several factors including your financial situation, your lifestyle, and your goals. Building…

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What to look for in a new-build home

825 582 Nisha Muire

In Toronto buying a new build-home is always exciting – and increasingly the only way to get an affordable place. While new-build homes provide buyers with a way of customizing their residence, they also require a much higher level of supervision and diligence on your part to ensure you get what you paid for. Let’s…

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