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Maintaining your lawn through August

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Toronto homeowners are likely now seeing the results of the efforts they made in the spring to get their lawn summer-ready. However, far from resting on their laurels, August is a crucial time for lawn care if you want your sod staying healthy and looking its best to the end of the growing season. 

The summer’s high heat and full-on sun can take a toll on grass and earth so there are few things you should do to keep both in tip-top shape. 

Get rid of thatch

What is thatch? According to the University of Massachusetts it is a, “tightly intermingled layer of living and dead stems, leaves, and roots which accumulates between the layer of actively growing grass and the soil underneath”. To see if you have thatch, cut a small plug of earth from your lawn and measure the thickness of the thatch layer. If it is more than ¾” thick, then you have thatch. Getting rid of thatch is done mechanically using a rake. 

Let your grass grow!

As silly as that statement sounds, not cutting your grass too short in August will actually help it remain healthy. And, when you do cut your grass make sure to set your mower blades higher so that your grass remains strong. 


Late summer is the ideal time to seed your lawn. It will ensure that the seed takes hold in the fall so that by the time the new growing season rolls around you have a healthy head start.  


Another crucial step in your Toronto lawn care routine for August is the application of fertilizer. Levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium tend to drop during the summer, so adding a good fertilizer helps to rebalance the health of your lawn. Another reason to fertilize your lawn in August is so that the nutrients are already there in spring. 

By spending a bit of time on lawn care in August, you will set the stage for a healthy and strong grass for the rest of the year and into the early next early growing season.


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