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Safeguarding your house before and after a storm
512 288 Nisha Muire

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your Toronto home. It is very important to prepare for any storms before and after. Before the weather event you need to seal any cracks and make sure water pathways are clear. Afterwards, check your structure to make sure there are no dangers lurking from accumulated snow and/or water.…

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Vacation time and your house is safe!
275 183 Nisha Muire

Toronto is having a rather mild weather for this time of year, but still, the call of a hot sun down south will have many Torontonians leaving for warmer climes this winter. If you are one of those fortunate souls, be sure to follow the following guidelines to guarantee peace-of-mind while you are away –…

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Enjoy the holidays with peace of mind!
1024 460 Nisha Muire

The holidays are nearly upon us and Torontonians are busily preparing to celebrate the season with family and friends. Those of you who are hosting at your Toronto home know the work and stress that go into getting ready to receive, but you also know that it is all worth it in the end. Although…

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Happy Holidays!
234 169 Nisha Muire

Once again we find ourselves at the end of a another year. During this festive time where we gather in our Toronto homes to reminisce about the past and dream about the future, we here are Imaginahome would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support through the year. We also…

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Happy Holidays!
640 423 Nisha Muire

Home is what the holidays are all about. Being home with family and friends is why so many people look forward to this time of year. Sometimes it is the only time of year many of us are able to get together. The one thing we all have in common though, is that home is…

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Holiday Greetings
640 378 Nisha Muire

Another year is quickly winding down to a close and we here at Imaginahome would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has helped make 2016 such a resounding success!   The real estate industry is in constant flux and riding the ups and downs of the Toronto property market over the…

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New and Improved Website!
1024 687 Nisha Muire

Welcome to the new and improved Imaginahome website!   Our new look reflects our future direction and growth. Alongside our existing array of services, we are pleased to announce the addition of several forward-looking tools specially designed for realtors who understand how the use of leading technology can boost their listings. The new services include:…

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New Office
466 155 Chris

On August 3rd, Imaginahome relocated to a new office on the second floor at Suite 207B. The good news is that you don’t have to look hard for us since we will be located in the same building. We hope you’ll come by and visit us at our new office.[twitter style=”horizontal” float=”left”] [fblike style=”button_count” float=”left”…

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We’ve Improved Our WebLink/PhotoGallery
150 150 Chris

Now you can choose between 4 different galleries to view your photos online. Slideshow view allows you to sit back and enjoy your photos animated. Tilt view allows you to zoom in and out while viewing your photos at different angles. Postcard view allows you to view a thumbnail of all pictures as if they…

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