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How useful is an irrigation system?

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An irrigation system can certainly add value to your Toronto home. Underground sprinklers are useful additions that save you time and money in the long run, although they do have a high initial cost for parts and installation. 

Benefits of an irrigation system

A sprinkler system provides three main benefits:

  • Time savings
  • Water savings
  • Cost savings
  • Convenience

Time saving

A built-in irrigation system will save you having to stand outside with your hose watering your lawn and garden every day. If you have a large lawn and/or garden and if you have to water the front yard and the backyard, a sprinkler system can save you nearly an hour’s worth of watering every day. 

Water saving

Irrigation systems use less water in general than old-fashioned watering because they are more targeted. The most water-savings come from drip-irrigation systems that allow the earth time to soak in the water properly – leaving your ground constantly moist and properly watered. Even regular sprinkler systems save water as sensors will prevent watering if the ground already contains enough moisture. 

Cost saving

By using less water to irrigate your lawn and garden, you will see a saving on your water bill. 


Along with the above, a sprinkler system is also convenient. It eliminates the need for you to wrestle with your hose around your yard. All you need do is turn on your water tap and the sprinklers do the rest. In fact, if you set your sprinkler up on a timer system, then you won’t have to even do that – the sprinkler will turn itself on and off every day leaving you worry-free even if you go on vacation. 

Cost of setting up a sprinkler system

The cost of setting up a sprinkler system runs between $1600 and $3500 depending on the scale of the system you need and its sophistication. Naturally, sprinklers that have built-in water sensors will cost more than more basic models, but might be worth investing in if you have a very large parcel of land. 

When to set up an irrigation system

The best time to set up an irrigation system is before you landscaped your grounds since you will need to cut into your lawn or patio stones to lay the piping. It is possible to lay down an irrigation system if your yard is already landscaped, but you will then need to plan for additional funds to replace/redo the landscaping after it is installed. 

An irrigation system will not only save you time, money and water, but it will also add value to your home and is an overall good investment.


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