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1721 Pengilley Place, Mississauga

150 150 Elizabeth DiRauso

1721 Pengilley Place listed in Mississauga
by Elizabeth DiRauso

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1540 Point O Woods Rd, Mississauga

150 150 Yvonne Plumb

1540 Point O Woods Rd – Mineola is among the more exclusive neighbourhoods in which to live in the GTA. As one of the city’s older communities it offers a beautiful, mature and tranquil setting to residents despite being a short drive to the downtown core and all of the businesses, boutiques and services that the city has to offer. The prosperous suburban neighbourhood boasts an eclectic mix of architectural styles and designs that aim to please a varied palate while clearly appealing to an executive and affluent lifestyle.

Located in southwestern Mississauga, Mineola was first known as a resort get-away for the city’s elite. It slowly grew in size and stature until the present day where it is renowned for its beautiful parks, superb shopping and exciting nightlife found in burgeoning areas just adjacent to the neighborhood. Mineola also boasts one of the most coveted school districts in the city with excellent schooling options including Mississauga U of T campus. The neighbourhood additionally includes a well-stocked library and fantastic lifestyle services to meet every need including the Trillium Hospital, chiropractors, veterinarians and more.

Mineola offers residents a quiet, exclusive lifestyle in a beautiful natural setting that is just minutes away from downtown and all it has to offer.

Listed in Mississauga by Yvonne Plumb

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3049 Harvey Cres, Mississauga

150 150 Aaron Ferguson

3049 Harvey Cres listed in Mississauga
by Aaron Ferguson

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814 Village Green Blvd, Mississauga

150 150 Gordon Finlay

814 Village Green Blvd listed in Mississauga
by Gordon Finlay

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107-215 Mississauga Valley Blvd, Mississauga

150 150 Patrick Gillis

107-215 Mississauga Valley Blvd listed in Mississauga
by Patrick Gillis

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55-615 Strathaven Drive, Mississauga

150 150 Patrick Gillis

55-615 Strathaven Drive listed in Mississauga
by Patrick Gillis

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3844 Windhaven Drive, Mississauga

150 150 Bong (Bob) Pyo

3844 Windhaven Drive listed in Mississauga
by Bong (Bob) Pyo

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5867 Rainberry Drive, Mississauga

150 150 Alexandra Piasecka

5867 Rainberry Drive listed in Mississauga
by Alexandra Piasecka

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1227 Queen Victoria Ave, Mississauga

150 150 Paul Song

1227 Queen Victoria Ave listed in Mississauga
by Paul Song

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350-1575 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

150 150 Angelo D'Amico

350-1575 Lakeshore Rd W listed in Mississauga
by Angelo D’Amico and Dayana D’Amico

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