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Media Gallery & Domain Name

a great add-on for your online listing

Media Galleries

Our Media Galleries are TREB conformed (since they don’t contain any promotional materials) and will compliment your listing nicely by showcasing more photographs than the limited 20 photos from MLS. By default, the photographs are displayed as a slideshow and additional viewing options are available.

However, anywhere else that you promote your properties, your information and brand can be shown. We created an alternate version of the media gallery that is personalized allowing for any of your information to be shown including the linking to websites of your choice.

You can also send your own photographs or floor plans to add to the slideshow. When ordering a brochure, the Media Gallery would also host the PDF format of the brochure for viewers to access.

Media Galleries are complimentary with any photo shoot or brochure order.

Domain Name

Our branded Media Gallery is an ideal web page when used in conjunction with a domain name. By ordering a domain name related to the property (such as www.123HouseAvenue.com) and having it forwarded to the Media Gallery, potential buyers can easily view additional information and photographs about the property. These domain names are fully encrypted with SSL and are valid for a period of 1 year with the option to extend them further.

Please Note

Domain names do not use URL masking/cloaking due to potential problems, security issues. This also negatively affect search engine ranking. For the time being URL masking only works on non secure websites and will soon become obsolete.

For more information, see article: https://www.easyredir.com/blog/why-you-should-not-use-url-masking-forwarding-cloaking/


Add a professional voice over to your media gallery slideshow.