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41 Ross Vennare Cres, Kleinburg
150 150 Andre Leonardo & Sarah Volpentesta

41 Ross Vennare Cres listed in Kleinburg
by Andre Leonardo & Sarah Volpentesta

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341 Manor Rd E, Toronto
150 150 Tim Nagel

341 Manor Rd E listed in Toronto
by Tim Nagel

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167 Milverton Blvd, Toronto
150 150 Ryan Anthony

167 Milverton Blvd listed in Toronto
by Ryan Anthony

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5294 Picketts Way, Burlington
150 150 Mark Swaisland

5294 Picketts Way listed in Burlington
by Mark Swaisland

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6 Ellenhall Square, Toronto
150 150 Maziar Ahanin

6 Ellenhall Square listed in Toronto
by Maziar Ahanin

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175 The Kingsway, Etobicoke
150 150 Stephanie Haxhillari

175 The Kingsway listed in Etobicoke
by Stephanie Haxhillari

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61-1865 Kingston Rd, Pickering
150 150 Rajiv Rajak

61-1865 Kingston Rd – The Pickering Village has a long and rich history within the Greater Toronto Area. Continuously inhabited since long before European settlers arrived Pickering has always had a big draw for people looking to put down roots in a flourishing neighborhood. Today it is known for fostering a vibrant community spirit, supporting local businesses and offering families excellent services.
The Pickering Village provides access to excellent schools, good shopping, superior entertainment and superb health services. Also found nearby is the highly popular tourist destination – Nautical Village. Found off Frenchman’s Bay and the Millennium Square it features free live music as well as a playground and water feature for children, inviting shops and restaurants and plenty to do all year-round.
The homes in Pickering are mainly beautiful, detached family offerings found on leafy, tree-lined streets. The Pickering neighborhood is expected to see significant growth in the next fifteen years as it has recently been designated as an urban growth center by the provincial government. Therefore, real estate values are set to increase substantially in the short-to-medium range.
Families looking for real opportunities and a chance to grow should definitely consider the charms and potential of life in the Pickering Village.

Listed in Pickering by Rajiv Rajak

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38 Highcourt Cres, Toronto
150 150 Alan Coulter

38 Highcourt Cres listed in Toronto
by Alan Coulter and Karen Kaiser

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259 Sixth St, Etobicoke
150 150 Elaine McDonald

259 Sixth St listed in Etobicoke
by Elaine McDonald

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73 Neilson Ave, Scarborough
150 150 Digalakis + Brown

73 Neilson Ave listed in Scarborough
by Digalakis + Brown

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