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The Team

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Our team of photographers, graphic designers, writers, web experts and customer relation specialists are dedicated to total client satisfaction.


Bilal Jamous – Operations Coordinator – Ext 222

Bilal began his career by working on various projects at the well-renowned Montreal gaming development firm Ubisoft, where he honed his knowledge and understanding of the design industry. In 2002, Bilal decided to combine his expertise in multimedia and his passion for real estate and architecture with his degree in programming and telecommunications to co-found Imaginahome Inc. In 2008, Bilal took sole ownership of the business and has since been instrumental in positioning Imaginahome as the top boutique real estate marketing firm in Toronto. By constantly pushing the design, resolution and quality bar higher and by introducing innovative marketing solutions not available at other marketing houses, Bilal has proven his business acumen and his penchant for knowing what his customers want. Imaginahome continues to pave new ground under Bilal’s management.

Jennifer – Client Care Manager – Ext 221

With a wealth of customer service experience spanning various industries, Jennifer brings a unique set of skills to her role at Imaginahome. Her journey began in law offices, where attention to detail and professionalism were paramount. Transitioning into the dynamic environment of restaurants further honed her interpersonal communication abilities and adaptability. Jennifer’s diverse background laid the foundation for a seamless integration into the real estate sector.

Equipped with a business administration diploma, Jennifer joined Imaginahome in 2015 and has since played a pivotal role in the company’s operations. As the primary point of contact, she expertly manages all aspects of Imaginahome’s bookings, handles customer inquiries with finesse, and efficiently coordinates the schedules of the photographers. Her commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and organizational prowess has significantly contributed to the success of Imaginahome in providing top-notch real estate services to its clientele.

Yaneth Barrientos – Account Payable/Receivable

Yaneth Barrientos is a highly qualified and experienced professional in the field of finance and economics. With a degree in Economics, she has the educational background and knowledge required to manage financial matters effectively.

Her extensive experience of managing client accounts for various enterprises in both Montreal and Mexico has honed her skills and made her highly competent in this field. Her ability to pay meticulous attention to detail ensures that no critical financial information is missed or overlooked, which is crucial for maintaining the financial stability of a company.

Her superb organizational abilities help her keep the company’s financials in impeccable order. By ensuring that every supplier and customer account is always up-to-date, she ensures that the company has accurate and current financial information at all times. This helps the company make informed financial decisions and reduces the risk of errors or discrepancies.


Chris Basso – Senior Graphic Designer – Ext 228

Chris’ career as a graphic designer began in 1999 when he graduated from Digital Media at Seneca College. Immediately hired by Webworx Inc., he worked as part of that team for almost two years before becoming freelance. In 2004, Chris joined Imaginahome Inc. producing brochures and working on professional photo enhancements. As Chris continued to hone his design skills through part-time courses, his responsibilities within the company grew. He was eventually involved in the refresh of the company’s brand and helped to design/develop the website. Chris’ specialties include brand marketing, web design and development, graphic design, prepress and digital printing, and multimedia development. He regularly travels overseas and gains inspiration from the art, music and architecture found in different cultures – inspiration that is clearly evident in the work he does for Imaginahome.

Jennifer Brownlee – Graphic Designer – Ext 221

In addition to her central role in managing customer inquiries and bookings, Jennifer actively contributes to Imaginahome’s Graphic Design sector. Her involvement ranges from photo touch-ups to the thoughtful design of brochures and postcards, showcasing her commitment to ensuring the highest quality marketing materials for clients. Jennifer approaches each project with care and dedication, treating it as if she were preparing materials for her own use. Her keen attention to detail and an innate sense of design layouts elevate Imaginahome’s visual identity, leaving a lasting impression on clients and prospective buyers.

Beyond her work in print materials and touch ups, Jennifer extends her creative expertise to Virtual Staging, a field where she has earned considerable acclaim. Satisfied customers frequently refer others, attesting to their delight with the staged photos crafted by Jennifer. This positive feedback underscores her proficiency in creating visually appealing, digitally staged spaces that resonate with clients and contribute to the overall success of Imaginahome in the competitive real estate market.

Kumsal Ozkan – Graphic Designer – Ext 224

Meet Kumsal, a professional with a flair for strategic planning, group facilitation, and captivating presentations. With a solid foundation in multimedia and marketing, Kumsal possesses a thorough knowledge of software, coupled with design expertise. Her unique skill set allows her to seamlessly blend media communication and consumer perspectives, resulting in heightened engagement and brand awareness.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Kumsal holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, bringing a solid foundation for storytelling and communication. She further honed her expertise with a master’s degree in radio, television, and cinema, providing a deep understanding of the dynamics of multimedia.

Adept at driving growth through customer-centric campaign strategies, Kumsal has a proven track record of contributing significantly to the success of various projects, ensuring a consistent brand identity across all communications.

As a skilled communicator with meticulous attention to detail, Kumsal has a passion for translating complex ideas into clear and engaging visuals while assisting departments in crafting compelling messaging and media content, managing the preparation of marketing materials, writing copy for various platforms, and coordinating with cross-functional teams to deliver error-free, up-to-date print and digital material.

Nisha Muire – Creative Writer

Nisha has been part of the Imaginahome team since it launched in 2001. She has been instrumental in creating Imaginahome’s signature copy style and pioneered the luxury home lexicon currently used widely to sell high-end homes. She has been a copywriter and a creative writer for close to 25 years and has provided SEO copywriting for optimized web-based searches since the beginning of search-engine optimization. She has written copy for a wide range of industries and applications and enjoys playing with words!

Craig Williams – Photographer

As one of Imaginahome’s original photographers, Craig’s signature style has helped distinguish the company as one of the industry leaders in real estate marketing in Toronto and the surrounding regions since he joined Imaginahome in 2005.

Craig graduated with honours from Humber College’s Creative Photography Program. He paid his dues apprenticing with some of Toronto’s and the UK’s top commercial and architectural shooters, honing his attention to detail and artistry in every aspect of his own work, both professional and personal.

Craig has participated in several group art shows and has turned his personal photographs into a book. His architectural and real estate images have been used by multi-national design firms in building industry conventions and awards shows, and published in Architectural Record, the Globe & Mail, as well as various other home and design magazines.

Even after close to two decades and more properties than he dares to count, Craig is still able to find the beauty and “wow factor” in any home he shoots.

Whether it was just built yesterday or hasn’t seen a fresh coat of paint in thirty years your listing deserves Craig’s expertise and unwavering commitment to the final image.

Julian Zhang – Photographer

A dedicated photographer with a profound passion for his craft, is a proud graduate of the Humber College photography program. His journey in photography has been nothing short of diverse, encompassing a wide array of subjects ranging from sports and portraiture to landscape, wedding, and commercial photography.

Commencing his career as an official photographer for the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA), Julian swiftly honed his skills and transitioned into the realm of real estate photography in 2009. Drawing upon his background in urban design, he seamlessly integrates architectural elements into his work, transforming each photograph into a captivating piece of art through meticulous composition and innovative lighting techniques.

Since 2015, Julian has been an invaluable member of the Imaginahome team, dedicating himself full-time to the craft of real estate photography. His commitment and expertise have left an indelible mark on the company, contributing significantly to its success. By 2023, Julian had successfully completed over 5000 real estate photo shoots, showcasing his unparalleled skill in capturing the essence and beauty of properties.

With a passion that extends beyond mere profession, Julian continues to elevate the standards of real estate photography, offering clients a unique blend of artistic vision and technical precision. His journey is a testament to the seamless fusion of passion, education, and experience, resulting in a photographer whose work speaks volumes in the world of real estate imagery.

Victor Eski – Cinematographer

Meet Victor Eski, a seasoned professional with over two decades in the film and broadcast industry. As a director, cinematographer, and chief drone pilot, he brings a unique blend of technical prowess and creative vision. Beyond film, Victor is a branding strategist and social media specialist, adding depth to his skill set.

With seven years dedicated to aerial filming and photography, Victor, also a licensed pilot and skydiving instructor, specializes in live sports event drone cinematography and real estate videography. As a videographer for real estate, he has filmed hundreds of houses in the Greater Toronto Area, showcasing his versatility in capturing compelling visuals.

Victor’s international presence is marked by his expertise in drone live streaming, particularly in high-profile sports events. With over three thousand flight hours logged worldwide, he stands as a trusted storyteller, bringing moments to life on both local and global stages.