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Our team of photographers, graphic designers, writers, web experts and customer relation specialists are dedicated to total client satisfaction.


Bilal Jamous – Operations Coordinator – Ext 222

Bilal began his career by working on various projects at the well-renowned Montreal gaming development firm Ubisoft, where he honed his knowledge and understanding of the design industry. In 2002, Bilal decided to combine his expertise in multimedia and his passion for real estate and architecture with his degree in programming and telecommunications to co-found Imaginahome Inc. In 2008, Bilal took sole ownership of the business and has since been instrumental in positioning Imaginahome as the top boutique real estate marketing firm in Toronto. By constantly pushing the design, resolution and quality bar higher and by introducing innovative marketing solutions not available at other marketing houses, Bilal has proven his business acumen and his penchant for knowing what his customers want. Imaginahome continues to pave new ground under Bilal’s management.

Jennifer – Client Care Manager – Ext 221

Jennifer brings years of top-notch customer service experience to the Imaginahome team. As a Business Administration & Accounting graduate, Jennifer continues her education to increase her knowledge and sharpen her skill set. When she’s not hitting the books, Jennifer enjoys spending time at the cottage, socializing with family and friends, baking, and watching home renovation and cooking shows.

Yaneth Barrientos – Account Payable/Receivable

Yaneth Barrientos is a highly qualified and experienced professional in the field of finance and economics. With a degree in Economics, she has the educational background and knowledge required to manage financial matters effectively.

Her extensive experience of managing client accounts for various enterprises in both Montreal and Mexico has honed her skills and made her highly competent in this field. Her ability to pay meticulous attention to detail ensures that no critical financial information is missed or overlooked, which is crucial for maintaining the financial stability of a company.

Her superb organizational abilities help her keep the company’s financials in impeccable order. By ensuring that every supplier and customer account is always up-to-date, she ensures that the company has accurate and current financial information at all times. This helps the company make informed financial decisions and reduces the risk of errors or discrepancies.


Chris Basso – Senior Graphic Designer – Ext 228

Chris’ career as a graphic designer began in 1999 when he graduated from Digital Media at Seneca College. Immediately hired by Webworx Inc., he worked as part of that team for almost two years before becoming freelance. In 2004, Chris joined Imaginahome Inc. producing brochures and working on professional photo enhancements. As Chris continued to hone his design skills through part-time courses, his responsibilities within the company grew. He was eventually involved in the refresh of the company’s brand and helped to design/develop the website. Chris’ specialties include brand marketing, web design and development, graphic design, prepress and digital printing, and multimedia development. He regularly travels overseas and gains inspiration from the art, music and architecture found in different cultures – inspiration that is clearly evident in the work he does for Imaginahome.