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231 Church St, Oakville

150 150 Martin Stothard

231 Church St listed in Oakville
by Martin Stothard

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1003-65 Speers Rd, Oakville

150 150 Stephanie Lane

1003-65 Speers Rd listed in Oakville
by Stephanie Lane

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22-47 Hays Blvd, Oakville

150 150 Elizabeth DiRauso

22-47 Hays Blvd listed in Oakville
by Elizabeth DiRauso

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1248 Craigleith Rd, Oakville

150 150 Bo Jia

1248 Craigleith Rd listed in Oakville
by Bo Jia

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276 Glen Oak Drive, Oakville

150 150 Queenie Zhao

276 Glen Oak Drive listed in Oakville
by -Other Clients, Brokerage

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108-1450 Bishops Gate, Oakville

150 150 Fred Hussey

108-1450 Bishops Gate – Among the more prestigious communities included within the GTA’s borders is definitely that of Glen Abbey. Part of the town of Oakville, this elite municipality offers the kind of high-end lifestyle expected from today’s successful urban professionals.

Glen Abbey is most renowned for the celebrated Glen Abbey Golf course that was designed by Jack Nicklaus and which is home to the Canadian Open. The municipality encourages an active, healthy and inclusive lifestyle and, to this end, they have a newly rebuilt community centre in the heart of the neighbourhood where residents can take any number of fitness courses and/or sign up for various organized sports ranging from swimming to hockey to basketball and tennis. The centre additionally includes community rooms and a branch of the Oakville Public library. The neighborhood itself makes the most of its greenspace by maintaining a network of parks as well as walking/biking trails.

The community is part of the Halton School District and includes seven schools, all of which are highly rated. With two large shopping complexes along with all of the most frequented Big Box stores, there is no want for products and services. Furthermore, transportation is provided by GO Transit, Oakville Transit and via Rail. Several highways also help residents access the downtown core quickly and easily.

Housing in Glen Abbey is on the higher-end of the spectrum with the majority of homes being single-family, low-density, prestige dwellings. However, there are some medium-to-high density areas for those who prefer a more urban environment.

Overall, Glenn Abbey is an exclusive community that caters to those who aspire to an affluent lifestyle with access to excellent services.

Listed in Oakville by Fred Hussey

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2227 North Ridge Trail, Oakville

150 150 Susan Saccucci

2227 North Ridge Trail listed in Oakville
by Susan Saccucci

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387 Grantham Common, Oakville

150 150 Justina Courtney

387 Grantham Common listed in Oakville
by Justina Courtney

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160 Spencer Rd, Oakville

150 150 Motria Dzulynsky

160 Spencer Rd listed in Oakville
by Motria Dzulynsky

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1071 Pearson Drive, Oakville

150 150 Paul Song

1071 Pearson Drive listed in Oakville
by Paul Song

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