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Winter ready home

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Caring for your Toronto home is a constant cycle. Whether you are checking to make sure everything is working properly, maintaining things or cleaning, these routine tasks can be dull but are absolutely necessary. In fact, it’s when you neglect certain tasks for a few years that cracks begin to show, leaks spring up and grass begins to grow where it shouldn’t. 

More than just cleaning

Among the other items that need to be done every year, twice a year every home should be deep-cleaned. In the spring, you need to get rid of the dust that collects over the winter and in the fall, you need to sweep away the dust brought in from the summer! However, along with the deep clean, you should also take the time to prepare your home for the coming cold. We’ve compiled a handy list of items that should be on your checklist every fall. 


  • Wash windows
  • Wash down walls
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Dust/wash window treatments 
  • Vacuum and clean upholstery
  • Deep clean carpeting
  • Vacuum refrigerator condenser coil
  • Declutter and clean garage and/or attic
  • Wash comforters and pillows

Inside Tips!

Vertical blinds can be especially challenging to clean. A good rule of thumb for getting them spotless is to first vacuum the loose dust, then soak them in soapy water to loosen and remove the caked in dust. 

Swiffers or similar mops/brooms work particularly well when it comes to cleaning walls and ceilings. They have a longer reach, versatile mop heads and can be maneuvered easily. 

If you don’t have a deep cleaner, you can rent one inexpensively for a day at most grocery stores. 


  • Clean out gutters
  • Rake and compost leaves
  • Prep garden for winter
  • Check weather stripping around doors and windows
  • Clean and store patio furniture
  • Drain and store hoses
  • Clean, drain and close pool (if necessary)
  • Clean and store barbeque

Outside tips!

Raked leaves make excellent cover for garden beds as the cover they produce when composting will help fertilize soil.

Adding mesh gutter covers will prevent leaves from falling into your gutters and clogging them up. 

The list might seem long, but it requires just a few dedicated hours that can be spread over a few weekends to see all the tasks do


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