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Small gardens  

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It’s summer time in Toronto! And, whether you live in a grand estate with sprawling grounds or your patch of heaven is an upper floor condo with a small terrace, having an outdoor space can contribute plenty to your summertime enjoyment. Gussying-up what you’ve got to maximize your pleasure is easy and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Plan it out

The first thing about creating a small garden is to plan your space properly. Note the position of the sun throughout the day and then layout our plan accordingly. Ideally provide adequate shade so you can sit outside without frying in the heat. Also, make sure the plants you choose are suited for the area of the garden you have planned for them. Regardless of how big your space is, you can always create a mini-oasis by figuring out the best seating and planting areas. 

Pots and plants

If your space doesn’t allow for full-out planting of flowers and bushes because you have a small patio, terrace or balcony, you can still add colour and greenery by using potted plants. Potted plants are easy and versatile. Depending on how large the container and plant is, they can also be portable. And, the best part about a potted garden, is that a number of those same plants can be brought inside to overwinter – so you can be surrounded by greenery year-round. 

Versatile furniture

Another good way to maximize the space of your small Toronto garden is to invest in good furniture. There are pieces designed specifically for small spaces that serve double duty or that can fold for easy storage. For instance, table fire pits are super convenient as they work as a table that converts into a firepit at night. Folding chairs are another great option – after using you can fold them up and hang them on a wall or tuck away into a storage shed. Bench seating that runs along a wall is another great way of saving space. It provides seating while minimizing the footprint needed. Large padded cushions placed on a low, sturdy table can also make a great seat if you’re running low on place. 

If you are unsure on how best to plan your small Toronto garden, you can always look online. There are a number of excellent resources that will help you find the perfect plan for your little paradise.


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