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Nisha Muire

Gas vs wood fireplaces

850 300 Nisha Muire

With winter nipping at Toronto’s heels, it is natural that thoughts turn to fireplace – specifically gas fireplaces. Although wood burning fireplaces used to be the gold standard when it came to cachet and mood enhancement, they are now banned in many municipalities and most new construction will only include gas fireplaces. The reasoning is…

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Exterior Lighting Design

900 600 Nisha Muire

Exterior lighting can really enhance your Toronto home, your land and your lifestyle. A good lighting design will take into consideration how you use your space and whether you like to entertain. If your family is very active and use the yard after dark to play sports you will require very different lighting needs than…

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Sealing your pavers

285 177 Nisha Muire

If you love the look of pavers for your Toronto home, then you will probably be wondering whether you need to seal them. The short answer: yes! Pavers are made out of concrete, which is a porous material. If you don’t seal them they are more prone to staining and fading. A good sealer will…

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Getting the right carport

297 170 Nisha Muire

Protecting your car from Toronto winters is a very important consideration. While some folks are fortunate enough to have a garage in which to park their vehicles others have only a driveway. While it is always possible to purchase a temporary carport such as a tempo to tide you over during the winter, it is…

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Is it necessary to cut back flowers for winter?

653 436 Nisha Muire

Cutting back perennial flowers at your Toronto home really depends on the kind of flowers you have and also the kind of philosophy you follow. While it is clear that some plants benefit from being cut back, there are others that thrive overwintering with their spent foliage and prefer to be cleaned up in the…

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Wrapping plants for the winter months

1024 683 Nisha Muire

If you have lovely evergreens or shrubs on your Toronto property, then you would definitely want to protect them from the damages of cold, wind and snow. Protecting them from the elements is a very useful way to ensure the health and well-being of your green friends and one of the best ways to do…

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Smart Home Technology and Privacy

294 171 Nisha Muire

Equipping your Toronto home with smart technology might seem like a very good idea – and for the most part it is. However, there is always the question of privacy to consider when you are heading down the smart home road.   With the proliferation of smart home devices that allow homeowners to better control…

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Smart Home Technology

570 522 Nisha Muire

Smart home technology in Toronto has come a long way in recent years. In just the last little while we have gone from only having home lighting systems being controlled by smart technology to having everything from security systems to home amenities now with built-in smart home capabilities. The one thing all of these systems…

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Roofing Remedies

1024 731 Nisha Muire

Roofing materials in Toronto are available in many options. While all are fairly sustainable, some are more natural and will provide excellent coverage for an extended period of time, however, costs are always a consideration when looking at roofing. Here will we look at the different roofing materials on the market and what you can…

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Creating an income suite

1000 667 Nisha Muire

Incomes suites in Toronto are a great way of subsidizing the growing cost of owning a property. Whether you are just starting out as a homeowner or you already have the house of your dreams and are looking to downsize, creating an income suite is a smart investment.   Income suites are a clever way…

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