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October decluttering

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October is nearing its end and that signals that it’s time for a more in-depth cleaning of your Toronto home to really get ready for the winter months. Since winter can be a time of hoarding for many people, it is important to go into the cold season prepared with plenty of space to spare. 

Junk drawers

We all have junk drawers that seem to pile up with random doo-dads that don’t have any other spot in the house. Instead of just piling more “stuff” into this drawer – or drawers, if you have more than one! Now is the time to sort through the accumulated items and get rid of what is truly unnecessary and find proper places to store those items you do deem worthy of saving. 

Other drawers

While your Toronto home’s junk drawer is the most obvious place to start with your deep clean, it should end there – now is the time to tackle all of the drawers in your home and to throw out everything old, unneeded and unnecessary. Chances are very high that once you have organized your drawers, you won’t even miss what they contained. If you have old tea towels, cleaning rags, aprons, dish cloths, etc… fall is a great time to weed out the really used and only keep those that you use. 

Cupboards and pantries

Cupboards can get just as full and messy as drawers. When going through cupboards or pantries, make sure to throw away any past-good foods, medications, creams or ointments. Keep only those items that still have a decent shelf-life remaining and those items that you actually use. Too many of us collect things that we mean to use, but never actually do because it would be out of our habit to do so. Take the time to acknowledge this and then let go of them. 

Storage rooms

If you have a storage room then you know just how full and cluttered it can get. Again, you need to be merciless when decluttering. And, if you are having trouble letting go of something, look at it this way: if you died tomorrow – would anyone else in your home want it? If the answer is no, and you no longer need/use it, then just get rid of it. The sentimental attachments we form to “stuff” only mean something to us. And, if we no longer see it the same way, then it is time to let go of it. 

What to do with your extra “stuff” 

If the stuff you want to get rid of is still in good shape and usable, consider donating them to goodwill. You can also recycle them via organizations that repurpose old furniture, clothing and goods. If it is really old and dilapidated, 

By the time the real cold weather hits you will be very glad to have an organized and uncluttered space for enjoying the warmth.


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