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Hottest Real Estate Neighborhoods in the GTA
400 200 Nisha Muire

Toronto’s real estate market is hot. Despite the slow down that it experienced last year, the market is still humming along nicely. Although the gains are not as high as those seen in previous years, they continue in the high…

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Getting into an overvalued real estate market
630 315 Nisha Muire

If you have been thinking of getting into the Toronto housing market you will have noticed that what you can get for your money varies tremendously from neighbourhood -to-neighbourhood. First-time buyers are always at a disadvantages when it comes to…

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Is Toronto real estate still a good investment?
1024 576 Nisha Muire

Investing in real estate in Toronto remains a good investment despite the market starting to slow down. Regardless of current market conditions real estate is always a solid investment because property will appreciate over a 10-year cycle. However, that said…

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Welcome to 2019
702 532 Nisha Muire

Welcome to 2019 Toronto real estate shoppers! We hope that you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready for whatever the new year brings. Let’s kick off the new season by taking a look at what the real estate market…

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Sealing your doors and windows for the winter
1000 664 Nisha Muire

Canadian winters can be harsh and Toronto winters are no exception. Sealing your home’s doors and winters for the cold season is one of the best ways to prevent energy costs from going through the roof. Even a small draft…

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What to do with your fall leaves
1024 685 Nisha Muire

Fall leaves in Toronto are just spectacular – when seen on the trees before they hit the ground! One the peak fall season has past homeowners are faced with raking and disposing of those beautiful fall colours. However, getting rid…

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Getting ready for the holidays
644 364 Nisha Muire

The Holidays in Toronto are an exciting, cheerful time where neighbourhoods get into the festive spirit by decorating. As soon as the first snow falls holiday decorations can add to the excitement and anticipation and if you are looking to…

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Gas vs wood fireplaces
850 300 Nisha Muire

With winter nipping at Toronto’s heels, it is natural that thoughts turn to fireplace – specifically gas fireplaces. Although wood burning fireplaces used to be the gold standard when it came to cachet and mood enhancement, they are now banned…

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Exterior Lighting Design
900 600 Nisha Muire

Exterior lighting can really enhance your Toronto home, your land and your lifestyle. A good lighting design will take into consideration how you use your space and whether you like to entertain. If your family is very active and use…

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Sealing your pavers
285 177 Nisha Muire

If you love the look of pavers for your Toronto home, then you will probably be wondering whether you need to seal them. The short answer: yes! Pavers are made out of concrete, which is a porous material. If you…

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