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Holiday ready!

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With the holidays just around the corner preparations are most likely in full swing. We’ve compiled a few handy tips to help you properly prepare your Toronto home for the guests, the gifts and the general celebrations of the season. 


Preparations for the holidays usually start on the inside of people’s homes. The deep cleaning and decluttering tend to be understood when it comes to getting your Toronto home ready to receive guests. But, making sure that your driveway, walkway or any path leading to an entrance are all ready. Shoveling any snow, getting rid of ice and making sure that there is enough illumination so people can see easily are all very important. So, make sure to change any burnt out light bulbs, melt the ice and hang some festive decorations to make your entrance even more inviting. 


Putting up holiday decor normally involved festive lights and trees. If you have lights and a tree up, be smart about how everything is wired and plugged in. Be sure to have the proper power bars or surge protectors to prevent potential electrical issues. Also make sure that any live trees are not placed close to dry heating sources or too close to electrical outlets to avoid potential fire hazards. 


If you have pets and you will be entertaining guests with known pet allergies, then cleaning and vacuuming with a machine that has a hepa filter is a good idea. Hepa filters are very good at reducing particulate matter like dust mites, pet dander, pollen and mold spores in the air. Getting rid of as many allergens as possible will make your home friendlier to those who suffer from allergies. 

Scented candles

Use scented candles to freshen the air so that your home always smells fresh in case of unexpected guests. There are a number of seasonal scents that will even lend themselves really well to making your Toronto home “smell” like the holidays. Scents that include mulled wine, cinnamon and/or pine/fir in their composition are all wonderful for the holiday season. 

The holidays are a wonderful time of year and we, at the Imaginahome team, hope that you and yours have a truly enchanting and magical festive season and we wish you all the very best for the coming year!


Nisha Muire

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