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Planting a pollinator garden at your Toronto home  
640 424 Nisha Muire

Pollinators are the bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, beetles and flies, amongst a long list of other creatures, that help to pollinate the plants responsible for our food. From the coffee and tea that start off our days to the chocolate and…

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Toronto real estate cooling
1024 683 Nisha Muire

Toronto real estate has been a tear for two decades now. House prices have increased exponentially in that time and seller’s have reaped the benefits of those prices while buyer’s have had to hustle to find housing they could afford…

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Successful container gardening: the right pot
685 1024 Nisha Muire

As a Toronto homeowner, if you really want the fun and flavor of growing your own vegetables but are limited on space, then container gardening is the way to go. Containers are easy and versatile. The best part? When it…

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Getting your garden ready
686 1024 Nisha Muire

Despite the recent late-winter storm, Toronto gardeners should be getting ready to don their galoshes and gloves to head out into their gardens to begin the yearly planting prep. Whether you prefer flowers to vegetables, getting your beds ready for…

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Tile trends
1024 798 Nisha Muire

There is no shortage of ideas and styles when it comes to flooring. Today’s tile market holds a wide variety of shapes, colours, sizes and textures to suit any design vision. Toronto’s most luxuriously appointed homes have seen tile sizes…

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Variable vs Fixed Rate Mortgages
1024 683 Nisha Muire

The Bank of Canada recently hiked the key interest rate to .50% for the first time in four years. Naturally, Toronto homeowners will probably be wondering whether it is time to lock-on their variable rate mortgages. Let us take a…

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Downsizing is also rightsizing
1024 682 Nisha Muire

  The word downsizing can cause some people to struggle with the notion. However, change the word to rightsizing and it makes a lot more sense. While the concept is the same – moving into a home with a smaller…

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Winter safety tips for homeowners
1024 683 Nisha Muire

Toronto homeowners have hunkered down to plow through the dog days of winter. Keeping your home safe is naturally upper most in people’s minds. Not only is it important to winterize your home, but it is also important to protect…

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Rising interest rates 
683 1024 Nisha Muire

Toronto real estate gains have been driven largely by very low interest rates. While rates remained low, consumers felt comfortable borrowing more money to cover the rapidly rising costs of owning a home. With the economy in flux due to…

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2022 Toronto Housing Trends
1024 681 Nisha Muire

As the final days of 2021 draw to a close, what can we expect from Toronto’s housing market? Different sources offer different insights into what the new year might bring. We’ll recap two of the more interesting trends for you…

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