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The right solutions for your small bathroom
1024 683 Nisha Muire

Toronto real estate is very pricey these days. Finding a house in the city is hard and costly. So, many homeowners who already have a place in town are opting to stay put and renovate their digs to better suit…

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Radon: a silent toxin
1024 680 Nisha Muire

Checking for radon in your Toronto home should be one of the routine tasks you do every few years. Why? Because radon is an odorless but harmful gas that can lead to cancer with long-term exposure.  What is radon? Radon…

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How to win a bidding war
1024 712 Nisha Muire

  Toronto real estate continues to be red-hot despite the pandemic and the concerns that the housing market would flatten. Today’s homebuyers are facing a real challenge in finding a home. Bidding wars are making prices climber higher and faster…

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Major vs minor renos
1000 813 Nisha Muire

Want to spruce up your Toronto home without breaking the bank? There are a number of ways that you can transform your home without necessarily spending big bucks or calling in a wrecking crew.  Small changes, big impact Sometimes all…

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Sell or renovate?
825 582 Nisha Muire

Toronto homeowners know that they live in a hot real estate market. The natural question then is: what is best – renovating their existing home or selling to buy a property with more of the features they want? Evaluate options…

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Damaged driveways
1024 680 Nisha Muire

Toronto driveways are built for toughness, but even so, they can and do get damaged. Driveways can develop cracks, suffer from an oil leak, and be scratched by snow removal equipment. Even the harshness of Toronto winters, water and tree…

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The proper care of hardwood floors
1024 680 Nisha Muire

Hardwood floors are a beautiful asset that add value to your Toronto home. While hardwood floors were the standard in older homes, they are not as common now with engineered hardwoods and floating floors replacing the classic standard flooring.  If…

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Building a cottage
640 426 Nisha Muire

Toronto homeowners have looked to escape the city in larger numbers than ever during the pandemic. The increased interest in cottage country has brought with it an increase in the number of people buying land and building their own country…

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On trend pandemic renos
1024 685 Nisha Muire

Toronto homeowners discovered that renovating their homes to better suit lockdown-living makes surviving a pandemic much easier. With nowhere to go and being cloistered in their homes for the better part of the past year-and-a-half gave Toronto homeowners a better…

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Surviving a heat wave without air conditioning
888 670 Nisha Muire

Toronto can get hot during the summer. And, with the city experiencing greater numbers of heat waves every year, beating the heat can take some creativity if you don’t have air conditioning. Here are some tips on cooling off when…

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