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Breathe easy – keeping the air in your house clean
150 150 Nisha Muire

Once the cold season hits Toronto, homeowners tend to close their windows and drapes to keep their homes warm and toasty. However, closed windows can contribute to a build of contaminants in your home. Unless you have an air exchanger…

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Heated Driveway Pros and Cons
1024 391 Nisha Muire

When winter hits Toronto, the snow and ice that come with it can make blistery mornings especially tough for those who have driveways to shovel out. Whether you have a snow removal service, a snow blower or a good, old-fashioned…

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Choosing a contractor
1024 681 Nisha Muire

Renovations are always exciting. Once you decide that your Toronto home needs a facelift, the next steps obviously include choosing the design for your project and all of the materials and fixtures that will make it what you want it…

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The Light Idea
1024 684 Nisha Muire

Choosing the correct lighting for your Toronto home can be a tricky proposition. There are so many varieties of lighting and fixtures available that deciding on the perfect illumination can take some time. There are three types of light in…

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Counter concerns
687 1024 Nisha Muire

Along with cabinets, counters in any kitchen must be both functional and attractive. As counters take up a large surface area, choosing the correct material and hue will be crucial to pulling your space together. In the past, counters were…

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Fabulous Touchless Faucets
1024 675 Nisha Muire

The faucet you choose for your Toronto kitchen remodel will make all the difference in the world when it comes to washing up. Along with the sink you choose, the faucet will play an integral role in setting the tone…

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Fixture Fever
1024 683 Nisha Muire

You have chosen your cabinets, your colours, your counters and your sink – you’ve even chosen the lighting for your new Toronto kitchen, but, what about the hardware fixtures for your cabinetry? Although seemingly functional and nothing more, the right…

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Choosing the right sink
1024 683 Nisha Muire

In any Toronto house, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where family and friends automatically gather. Since the kitchen sees so much use – it is only natural to want good finishes and amenities included in…

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Keeping it cool – the best ways to lower the temperature in your home without air conditioning
1024 683 Nisha Muire

Summer has hit Toronto. The heat is palpable and perfect for barbecues, swimming and heading to the beach – that’s under normal conditions. Due to the pandemic most people are staying put and sticking close to their home. Keeping cool…

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Proper seating for a home office
1024 678 Nisha Muire

If you have been forced to work from your Toronto home because of the Covid 19 situation, you have likely realized that having a proper work space is crucial to your productivity. And, one of the main factors when setting…

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