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A cozy holiday season

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With the holidays around the corner, Toronto homeowners are likely in full swing prepping for the festive season. Despite further restrictions due to the pandemic, families are anxious to get together and celebrate after being locked down for so long. If you are hosting your family this year and want to cozy-up your home for the occasion, here are a few tips to help you get that warm, fuzzy feeling that makes you wantI to kick back and relax. 

Accessories and texture

One of the best ways to create a cozy Toronto home is to add texture and accessories to each room. Having objects around that make people want to touch them is a great way to draw people into a space. Artworks, rugs, cushions – are all examples of accessories that enhance any room they are in. Hang photos and/or paintings on walls. Even textiles are a great option for adding colour and texture to a space. Avoid completely blank walls as much as you can. 


Plants are another great way to make a room feel warm and inviting. They add a burst of natural beauty, greenery and also contribute to improving the air quality in a home. Naturally plants need to be placed in well-lit areas of your home, but there are plants that require less light than others for those who have less available natural light in their residence. 


Lighting is a very important aspect of making your Toronto home cozy. There are many different kinds of lighting available and choosing wisely is crucial to getting the kind of atmosphere you want. Light bulbs come in a variety of colour temperatures. The best colors for cozying up your home are on the warm scale of the spectrum. Avoid cool white lights and opt for warm lighting instead. Also try to avoid overhead lighting. Indirect lighting and ambient lighting are better options for creating a lush atmosphere. 

The right scent

Lastly, a fragrant home is a welcoming one. If guests are greeted by floral or spicy fragrances they will feel like entering and enjoying themselves. If they are greeted by the smell of old sneakers and stale food, they are less likely to view your home as cozy and inviting. To get that fresh scent every day, it is important to keep your soft surfaces clean. Washing curtains, rugs, pillows, sheets, etc… regularly is crucial to having a fresh background odor as these items hold onto smells. If no one in your family is sensitive to scents, then another great way of prolonging the fresh smell is to use scented candles, incense and/or fragrance plug-ins.

Having a cozy home is not just wonderful during the holidays, but all year round. And, on that note, all of us here are Imaginahome would like to take this time to wish you and yours a truly wonderful and safe Holiday Season and a New Year that is better and bigger than this one!


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