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The right solutions for your small bathroom

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Toronto real estate is very pricey these days. Finding a house in the city is hard and costly. So, many homeowners who already have a place in town are opting to stay put and renovate their digs to better suit their needs. However, while this is great for those who have plenty of space to spare, people with smaller footprint properties have to get creative when it comes to remodeling – and bathrooms are among the spaces where some creative thinking can go a long way. 

Small bathrooms can usually only be enlarged by encroaching on space in some other area – not ideal in an already tight home. However, there are ways of maximizing the space in your bathroom to get the storage, counter space and functionality you need. 

Let’s look at some interesting trends.

Traditional shelving

The right shelving can go a long way towards making your small bathroom more functional. Narrow, floor-to-ceiling shelving takes little space but provides a lot of very practical storage room for towels and toiletries. 

Recessed shelving

A new trend in small bathroom design is recessed shelving either in a wall or in an existing shelving unit. These handy little nooks provide additional storage for smaller items or even nice spots for small plants. 

Floating sinks

Floating sinks are great at providing the illusion of space in a small area. The underneath of the sinks are easy to clean and can also be used for storage towels in a basket or a small kitty litter for your furry friends. 

Wet bathrooms

A newer trend brought over from Asia and Europe is that of a wet bathroom – so called because the bathroom is designed so that every surface can get wet. Wet bathrooms can look bigger and give the illusion of more space. However, they do need to be properly water-proofed and can make using the toilet or sink problematic if someone has just showered. A compromise with a pane of glass separating the shower and tub can alleviate the water issues that a wet bathroom can create. 

The right colour

Using the right colour scheme can definitely make a small bathroom seem larger and make it more inviting to use. Usually designers will opt for pale blues, greys, yellows and pastel colours in a small bathroom. You can also use one dark, bold colour as an accent as long as other walls are light. 

There are plenty of great ideas out right now for sprucing up small bathrooms. A good designer will be able to steer you in the right direction. 


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