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Winter safety tips for homeowners

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Toronto homeowners have hunkered down to plow through the dog days of winter. Keeping your home safe is naturally upper most in people’s minds. Not only is it important to winterize your home, but it is also important to protect air quality and to be prepared for any possibility – including the loss of power. Here are a few ways to make sure you make it through winter easily and comfortably. 

Winter tools

Having the right tools can help you get through the winter quite well. Here is a list of the most commonly needed to battle Canadian winters:

  • A good shovel
  • A telescoping roof rake/shovel
  • A heavy duty broom
  • Some kind of ice melt – salt, sand or gravel

Energy Backup

Having a good sized backup generator that you can rely on should the power fail is very important. It could mean the difference between freezing in your home and being comfortable while waiting for the power to come back on. There are two types of generator – portable and standby. Both options are very convenient, but cost and features will determine the best fit for you. 


One of the best ways to keep your home safe in the winter is to prepare for the cold months in advance. If you know that your water pipes are exposed to outer walls and tend to freeze, then covering them with insulation is a very good idea. Cleaning out your gutters and storm drains is another important step to take – clean gutters and drains will ensure no water remains to freeze and cause damage to your home. Another good thing to do is to seal your windows and doors to prevent air leaks from happening. 

Personal safety

Lastly, getting a good pair of crampons for your boots is a wise idea. Not only will they give you confidence if you have to go out after an ice or snow storm, but they will provide security while shoveling your driveway/walkway or if you have to do any kind of maintenance around your home. 

Keeping your home safe in the winter is not hard. So, long as you follow the few steps outlined above, your home will be a safe and secure place all year-round.


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