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How to write a purchase letter

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Toronto real estate has been so hot buyers want whatever edge they can get when bidding. Hence, many have begun writing letters to sellers to help land their perfect next home. We’ve all heard about these letters – the person who bid thousands under the list price but whose offer was accepted because of the letter they wrote. Whilte such cases do exist, they are not the norm, and letters can help in very specific instances. However, you want your letter to help your offer – not hinder it, and there are some very crucial elements to include that will do just that.

A good letter

>p>So, what makes a good letter? A good letter will have a personal touch. It will speak to the seller on an emotional level and create a link between you and them. A good letter will tell the seller why you want to move into their home and how it will make your life that much better. Let them know that having a dog park right next door is perfect for your little Fido. Describe how you fell in love with the fireplace and can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with family around a roaring blaze. Or, let them know how the large kitchen is perfect because you love to cook and you will relish being able to really sharpen your culinary skills. By letting them know that you have made an emotional connection to the house your letter will stand out from the pack.

What not to do

The things you want to avoid at all costs are negativity, a tone that’s too business-like and even the merest hint of condescension. You also want to avoid anything that doesn’t pertain to the sale or rental of the property. Sellers won’t care about your personal problems or current living situation. They won’t sell you their house for less just because you have a hard life and come from a stressed situation. Including anything negative is more likely to turn a seller off than seal the deal. A seller is more likely to sell for less if they feel that they have connected with you over the potential you see in their home.

Interestingly, while letters of purchase are commonly assumed to be written for home purchases, they are increasingly making a difference to renters as well. In fact, a letter of intent for a rental unit will show the owner of the unit that you are respectful of their property and will take care of it. Such letters can have a huge impact even in a slow rental market.

So, paint a happy picture of how you can see yourself living in the house or apartment and how well you would integrate into the neighbourhood and you will definitely increase your chances of getting the home you want.


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