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Toronto’s Ritziest Neighbourhoods

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Luxury living in Toronto is not hard to find. In fact, when it comes to posh places to reside in Canada’s bustling metropolis there are a number of hot spots from which to choose. With the cost of Ontario’s real estate market reaching ever new heights every year, the criteria for luxury living must take into consideration more than just the cost of housing – which could otherwise skew statics. The ritzier communities have an overall higher average household saving and overall higher average wage than in other neighbourhoods. The communities also tend to be closer to the city core and are mature spots that feature country-like environs. Here we will discuss the three most luxurious areas in Toronto according to the average household net worth, the average annual income and the average house price as compiled by Canadian Business Magazine and surveyed by Environics Analytics.


  1. York Mills – Windfields


Despite its industrial past, the York Mills area is the most affluent neighbourhood in the city. Today, the community boasts businesses and residential properties nesting together in a charming and serene natural setting. The area’s beauty is dissected by the main arteries of both Yonge Street and Bayview Avenue, which lead direct to the city center. Offering easy access to the downtown core, proximity to businesses and lifestyle services, it is clear why York Mills is a magnet for those wanting a suburban lifestyle, but with an easy commute to all that the city has to offer. Here is how the statistics breakdown for this community.


Average Household Net Worth: $21.55 million
Average Annual Household Income: $1,212,275
Average House Price: $3.40 million [i]


  1. Forest Hill


Forest Hill is another very popular area with those who want luxury living. Forest Hill has a long history and plenty of character to go with it. Divided loosely into the upper and lower sections, with the very picturesque Forest Hill Village being located in the upper part of the community, the neighbourhood’s homes are grand manors designed to impress with their custom architectural elements and impeccable landscaping. High-end shopping, fine dining and good schools are all part of the prestigious package found in this elite area.


Average Household Net Worth: $10.63 million

Average Annual Household Income: $629,972

Average House Price: $3.18 million[ii]


  1. Lawrence Park North

Lawrence Park North does not just earn its rank as the third most prestigious area to live in the GTA because of the wealth it holds, it is also considered one of the best because of the friendliness of the community and supportive atmosphere created by its residents. According to an article published in The Star, the neighbourhood scored a 92.05% on criteria including health, education and walkability[iii]. In the same article, Councillor Jaye Robinson is quoted as saying that the neighbourhood’s sense of community is inspiring to witness.

Average Household Net Worth: $10.44 million

Average Annual Household Income: $906,266

Average House Price: $2.81 million

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