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Major vs minor renos

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Want to spruce up your Toronto home without breaking the bank? There are a number of ways that you can transform your home without necessarily spending big bucks or calling in a wrecking crew. 

Small changes, big impact

Sometimes all a home needs is a bit of a style upgrade to take it from outdated to fabulous. When people think about renos, big, costly whole home scenarios are what most people envision. However, superficial renos can be just as dramatic and add significant value to your home. 


If the last time you painted was over five years ago, then it is time for a refresh. If you are more conservative, then you can opt for an updated take on a more conservative palate. However, if you don’t mind drama, then pairing a bold new hue with something more toned down can mean the difference between blow-me-away and blah.  


Using just the right amount of wallpaper is another great way to change the look of a room and to add drama and interest without a high cost. Although you can certainly pose the wallpaper yourself, hiring an experienced professional is recommended as wallpapering can be tricky. 

Light fixtures

Swapping outdated light fixtures for new, contemporary sources of illumination is a brilliant idea. Whether wall sconces, chandeliers, pendant, track or pot lighting, adding new sources of light can create atmosphere, spotlight a special feature or be straight-up functional. The best part? There’s a great variety of lighting fixtures to fit within every budget. 

Minor kitchen/bathroom updates

No need to replace your cabinets to make a huge difference in your kitchen or bathroom. Some quick fixes for a brand new outlook are all you need:

  • Replacing the cabinetry hardware
  • Refinishing/staining the cabinets
  • Replacing the counters
  • Changing the floor
  • Buying new appliances/fixtures


Another way to really spruce up your home is by focusing on the details – the baseboards, mouldings and millwork. You can change or repaint your baseboards. Add crown mouldings or a ceiling medallion. You could also install wainscoting or a moulded ceiling. All these add interest to a room and create cachet. 

Just a little bit of effort and cost can really update your home.


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