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Toronto Backyard Oasis

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Backyards are no longer considered just a patch of land for growing grass and putting out a couple of lawn chairs. Backyard designs have evolved to turn these private spaces into personal havens of enchantment and escape. With just a little bit of imagination you can transform your yard into a resort-like retreat for enjoying year-round.

There are a few elements to incorporate into a backyard design that will take it from ordinary to extraordinary.


Using materials such as wood and stone in your design for patios and decks will add a nice natural look and feel to your creation. The materials blend beautifully into the surroundings and don’t look out of place. However, if you choose to use concrete or composite materials for patios and decking, there are ways of incorporating them without having them stand out too much. A good plan will help you blend these materials into your overall concept for a more seamless look and feel.


Nothing is more soothing that the sight and sound of water rippling. Whether you have space for a large pond or swimming pool, or just enough space for a fountain, having some sort of water feature will go a long way towards creating a relaxing yard.

A touch of Romance

Whether through the use of candles, lanterns or fairy lights, adding a touch of romance to your yard will soften the environs and make it even more inviting for family and guests – especially in the evenings after the sun has set.


No one can fully relax if they feel their neighbours staring down at them from beyond their fence. To ensure privacy, a good fence is necessary. Although wood slats is the standards, planting some tall evergreen or even some seasonal shrubbery to further close any gaps is a good idea. Not only will it create a sense of isolation from the world around you, but greenery will also contribute to your sense of being ensconced in nature or at your own private get-away.


If at all possible, create several different seating areas – one for dining with a larger group, one for sitting alone and contemplating life, one for a discreet tête-à-tête – and whatever you do, make sure that the seating is comfy and inviting!


What’s a backyard without a fire pit? Ideal for roasting marshmallows, sitting around and talking or keeping you warm on a chilly night, a fire pit is a terrific idea for adding a fun element to your overall design.


Landscaping plays an integral role in what your backyard design will ultimately look like. If you are not savvy with flowers and plants, then get input from your local horticulturist to find out what plants best suit your needs. A mix of annuals and perennials is the best way to go so that you have your foundation plants and your splashes of colour all year round.