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Pros and cons of installing a skylight

What are the pros and cons of installing a skylight?

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Adding a skylight to your Toronto home can add depth, light and ambiance to a setting. However, there are certain realities to keep in mind before such an addition should be made. In some estimations the cons of of adding a skylight outweigh the pros – but for others the pros tip the balance in their favour. We’ll let you decide what’s best for your situation by presenting the facts.


Skylights are installed in a roof in order to add light to a dark room or to increase a view. The fact that these windows are installed in your roof means that you will have to cut a hole into your roof and the floor of your attic in order to install it – not to mention the creation of a box around the shaft to seal it off. Installing a skylight is, therefore, a major renovation.
Once you install a skylight expect your insurance company to increase your premiums as they are considered high-risk for leaks and other damage.
Expect to pay more in heating and cooling costs unless it is very well installed, sealed and insulated.

Now we’ll get into the pros and cons.


A skylight will automatically make any room look bigger.
A skylight will increase the value of your home.
They are a fantastic source of natural light.
Depending on their placement and function, they can provide fantastic views of the sky and landscape.
They create a terrific ambiance in any room in which they are placed.


Will cost a lot to install.
Will cost a lot to maintain properly.
Have the potential to leak and damage your roof and structures.
Will increase your heating/cooling bill.
Will increase your insurance.

As your can see from these lists, the pros have more to do with lifestyle and quality of life while the cons have more to do with cost. So, if you prefer to invest in your quality of life and the beauty of your home, then accepting that the addition of a skylight will incur some costs is your best option.