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Matterport: The Future of Real Estate Imaging

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Matterport 3D imaging is the future of real estate marketing and Imaginahome is already a veteran of this cutting-edge technology. Offering this forward-looking benefit since the spring of 2015 has helped Imaginahome master the finer points of this incredible technology. By placing cameras at strategic points in a home, every detail of a residence is captured. When the pictures are stitched together they create a seamless, virtual walk-through of a property that a homebuyer can control.

“The future of real estate marketing lies in the real benefit that a true virtual tour gives to the buyer – and that is exactly what Matterport delivers,” says Bilal Jamous, owner of Imaginahome Inc. “As more realtors discover just how easy Matterport imaging makes the home-buying process, the more integral the technology is becoming to their marketing strategies.”

CTV news covered Matterport last week and described how the virtual tour allows potential home buyers to walk through a home in a manner similar to how you can walk through a video game. You can watch the CTV report over here //bit.ly/1OZonJt.

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