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Happy Holidays!

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It’s already that time of year again in Toronto – the holidays are upon us and people’s thoughts turn to thoughts of turkey, stuffing and tinsel. Usually the holidays are a time when the real estate market in Toronto slows down. However, according to the Globe and Mail the market has not been reacting the way it usually does.

The incredibly low interest rates are propping up the property market and are keeping sales high at a time realtors are usually enjoying a bit of break. Should interest rates continue to lower or remain where they are currently at, then it is very feasible that this interest in the market will continue well into the New Year and we can see a much stronger January-February sales period.

Regardless of whether you are currently in the market for a home or will be in the new year – we here at Imaginahome want to take this time to wish you all for the holidays. Thank you for helping us make this year a success. Your loyalty to our services has helped us make 2020 memorable in a good way.

We hope you and your family enjoy some quality time together, remain safe and welcome in the new year with hope, joy and love in your hearts.

From our team to yours: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!


Nisha Muire

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