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Flooring trends 2021

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Toronto flooring trends haven’t changed all that much over the year – hardwoods are still the number one choice for most homeowners. However, there are some innovative materials now on the market and the colours are definitely trending lighter than before.

Hues and colours

Dark wood flooring in Toronto homes was all the rage for the better part of a decade, however, recent trends show colours starting to lighten. Now it is very common to see pale shades and cool tones over the darker ones. Even when it comes to tiles, the colours being chosen are lighter, with a bit of texture and/or neutral. However, geometric patterns are also very trendy right now.

Area rugs

Area rugs are on the rise in popularity. While banished from most homes for a long time, these accent pieces are making a comeback and are being used to highlight a room’s colour scheme or architectural detailing. If you do opt to use an area rug make sure that there is at least 18” of clearance all the way around it. If being placed in the living room, then all of the furniture should fit easily on top of it. Otherwise just the front legs of the major furniture pieces should be on top of it.

Biggest trends for 2021…

But what is the biggest trend in flooring for this year? Greige. Yes. that in-between colour that is a mix of both grey and beige has now found its way from cabinets and walls into flooring. If you are redoing your floors and really want to be on trend, then this is the colour for you. It is cropping up in wood, laminates and tiles.

Lastly, marble patterns are going to be huge this year. They were already starting to take hold in the prior two years, but they are now really hot and will be found everywhere from kitchen to hallways to bathrooms.

Regardless of the current trends, finding the right flooring for your home is best done but following your own tastes – after all, you are the one who will be living with it.


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