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Fall Cleaning

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Home maintenance in Toronto or anywhere else is a never-ending cycle of vigilance, cleaning, maintenance and repair. Although it might seem like you are on a treadmill where chores are concerned, twice a year those items that you let slip for a few months come into sharp focus and it is important to do a deep clean before heading into the next season; these two important times of year are spring and fall. Everyone knows what spring cleaning is – well fall cleaning is very much the same. However, this time around you are preparing your house to be nearly sealed off for the coming winter – it is for this reason that it is very important to do a thorough cleaning as otherwise you will trap all the dust and grime of the summer in with you for the next several months.

If the thought of such a deep clean is daunting – fear not – here we’ve compiled a check-list of the chores that need to be done so that you can tackle one item at a time.


Wash all windows
Dust, wash, dry all walls
Dust, wash, dry all light fixtures
Dust, wash, dry all window treatments: for vertical blinds, after vacuuming dust, soak in water with dish soap; for cloth window treatments, check washing instructions.
Vacuum and clean upholstery
Deep clean carpeting
Vacuum refrigerator condenser coil
Declutter and clean garage and/or attic
Wash comforters and pillows


Clean out gutters
Rake and compost leaves
Prep garden for winter
Check weather stripping around doors and windows
Clean and store patio furniture
Drain and store hoses
Clean, drain and close pool (if necessary)
Clean and store barbeque

Once every item from your fall cleaning checklist has been checked off, you can face the coming cold with an easy mind knowing that you and your Toronto home are well prepared.


Nisha Muire

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