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Choosing The Right Exterior Accents

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Toronto is one of the most competitive housing markets in Canada. A homeowner looking to sell their residence will have to bring their home’s A-game to the selling-block if they want to get top-dollar for their property. Oftentimes the home’s curbside appeal will negatively impact the property’s chances of getting the best price simply because the exterior doesn’t catch the buyer’s eye as quickly as a home dressed up to sell. There are a few ways to better present your home for sale. Along with thoroughly cleaning your yard, trimming any wild trees and/or bushes, cutting the grass and planting some colourful flowers, you can also add some exterior accents to your home itself. Elements such as shutters, gable vents, mounting blocks molding and mantles all go a long way towards increasing the allure of a property and adding the right amount of flare to it create a lasting impression on all who pass by for a visit.

Shutters used to have a function in keeping out the elements back when windows were not built as sturdily or as weather-proof as they are now. However the days of functional shutters has passed and today’s variety are used as decoration. You can get shutters in a number of materials and colours in order to best match the look and style of your home. While you can purchase shutters at your local big box renovation store, there are custom design places that can also provide a more tailored look for your residence.

Gable Vents
Gable vents are those vents you see around the edge of the roof that let air flow in and out to the roof. While there is some dissension on the utility of gable vents vs soffits, the fact remains that you can dress them up if you have them. Changing them up to be a little showier can definitely add to the appeal of your home – and again, they can easily be found at big box renovation centres or, for more unique stylings, you can consult custom exterior home accent suppliers.

Mounting Blocks
Mounting blocks are those items used to secure features such as mailboxes, address numbers, light fixtures, water faucets and electrical receptacles. While you can have very ordinary mounting blocks and although seemingly small and insignificant, spending just a little bit more to get blocks that accent your home’s features will certainly provide you with a return on your investment.

Moldings and Mantles
The kind of moldings and mantles you add to your home will probably have the greatest impact on how your dwelling looks. The trim used around your home can either blend into the background or provide pop to the structure’s features. Depending on the property’s architectural style you might want to spice things up by trying a different colour or even adding detailing such as finials, flying buttresses, keystones and sills can also really add to the ornateness of your home.

Whether you keep it simple to go all out, exterior accents can really help attract buyers to your home.


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