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Things to do when moving into a new house

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Toronto real estate’s busiest time of year is gearing up. Traditionally spring has always been the hottest time for home sales and this year is no exception. If you are among the intrepid bunch who are contemplating a move in this red-hot market, then there are a few things to keep in mind when you first move into your new home.

When you take possession of your new Toronto home, you might want to start moving your furniture in right away – however, before you do that, there are certain steps you should take beforehand.


Yes, now is the time to renovate! Painting, polishing the floors and changing fixtures can definitely be done after you have moved in, but it becomes a bit more logistically challenging. If you have the funds and the manpower, then it is best to take care of any renovations before you move in so that once you do, you can simply start enjoying your new home.


Be sure to set up your utilities before moving in. In fact, it is best to call your utilities provider as soon as you have your closing date so that you can set up a time for the hook up for the date of possession. Otherwise, it is very possible that you will have to wait several days to almost a week or more to have your utilities connected – something that will impact your move-in plans considerably.

Child/pet proof your home

If you have little children or pets then a good rule of thumb is to take a little time to child/pet proof your new home before you move in. Setting up security gates at staircases and installing finger guards on sockets will ensure you can move-in and set up without worrying that your loved one is going to get into any serious trouble as you do so.

Change locks

If you like to play it extra safe, then you might want to have the locks on all your doors changed immediately after you take possession of your new place and before you move in. While in theory the previous owner must turn over all extra copies of the keys to you, there is no guarantee that an extra key might remain floating around somewhere. Changing the locks will guarantee that no one else will have a way to get in except for you and your family.

Decide where things go

Yes, as silly as this sounds, it is better to have an idea of where you want your furniture to go before the movers arrive. Since movers are generally paid by the hour, if they have to stand around waiting while you figure out where the couches are going, you will have a much bigger bill to pay in the end. Additionally knowing where you want things to go will help you set-up and settle in quicker.

Lastly, don’t forget to have your mail forwarded to your new address for at least the first three months – otherwise you risk having important correspondence arrive at your old place until you have made the changes with all of your contacts.


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