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How to convert an attic

Converting an attic into a room or loft in your Toronto home is a terrific way to gain space without the threat of zoning restrictions to hamper your construction. The useable space in an attic is the ideal way to increase your home’s living space without extensively adding to its foundation or footprint. There are…

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The Best Flooring for a Basement

Basement flooring used to be limited due to the high moisture content found in below-grade rooms. However, times are changing and there is now a nice selection of materials from which to choose when redoing your basement floor. Just keep in mind that a concrete slab is a porous material is prone to moisture. So,…

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At-Home Wet Bar

A wet bar can make any gathering come alive. Whether upstairs in your family room, a small space off your kitchen or a larger spot in your recreation room, a wet bar will automatically put your friends at ease and make the conversations flow – not to mention that they are the ideal place for…

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Wonderful Wine Cellars

Gone are the days where wine was stored in a cold room under your stairs. Today’s Toronto wine cellars are elaborate creations that have more in common with French vintners than they do with the cantinas of yesteryear. Although you can certainly have a wine fridge in your kitchen or even a walk-in, dedicated wine…

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The home theatre experience

Home theatres have gained in popularity and are now an integral part of many Toronto homes. These super-cool spaces provide the perfect entertainment experience by recreating an authentic theatre setting but in the comfort of your home. Some home theatres go so far as to have the soundproofed walls and tiered seating found at your…

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man cave

The Ultimate Man-Cave

Man-caves are a popular feature in many Toronto homes. A place that the man in a family can call his own. A place he can escape to and listen to music, watch sports or even play games. Creating a man-cave in your home doesn’t have to be expensive and elaborate – with just a little…

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Finishing your basement

If you have a new build Toronto home, then chances are your basement hasn’t yet been finished. Although the cost of buying a new home might push the thought of finishing your basement down the road for a few years, there are some very good reasons for investing in your basement. Not only will a…

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Asian Inspirations

Last week we covered minimalist living, this week we want to talk about Asian-inspired living spaces for your Toronto home. Whether you are looking to create a Zen retreat from top-to-bottom or just one room to soothe your yearning for a more balanced state-of-mind, here are some good tips for setting up the perfect Asian-influenced…

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Living Simply: The Art of Minimalist Living

Living simply might be a concept hard to grasp in our modern age. With houses increasing in size even as our families shrink in number, consumer goods proliferating our media and calls to buy, buy, buy hitting our senses at every turn, we can certainly be forgiven for thinking that the only way to live…

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2017 Decorating Trends

Decorating your Toronto home is a highly subjective affair. However, if you are like a lot of homeowners out there, then you will want to know what the upcoming trends are in order to spruce up your place for the summer season. While a number of the trends are whimsical and won’t last longer than…

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