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Wifi VS Ethernet

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So, you want to wire your Toronto home? It is certainly one of those options that is still very much in demand in new and resale properties – why? Very simply because while wifi is super convenient, ethernet still has it’s advantages. We’ll explore the benefits of a hard connection for those devices that matter down below.
Naturally wifi is what everyone uses – especially to connect their mobile devices. However, when it comes to televisions, gaming or media PCs and backup devices, a wired connection is definitely the better option as it is far more reliable, generally provides much faster speeds and lower latency.
The first points we’ll look at is speed – a wired Cat 6 connection can, theoretically, provide speeds up to 10 Gb/s depending the kind of cable you are using. Even a Cat 5e cable can provide speeds of 1Gb/s. Whereas, wifi’s max speed right now is somewhere around 866.7 Mb/s with the new 802.11ac standard. The only problem with the potential for these speeds is the actual speed of your internet connection. If your internet speed is lower than the speed of the connection you are using, then your connection really won’t matter.
Ethernet is definitely the way to do for file transferring between devices in your home, however. A wired connection is also best when streaming from a media server.
The other big factor to consider is latency – basically the time it takes traffic to get from a device to its destination. Usually referred to as “ping”, reducing latency is very important if you are an online gamer and need those quick reaction times. Otherwise, if all you are doing is listening to music or streaming content, then this aspect won’t bother you as much.
Lastly, using a wired connection is generally better because it is more reliable. Simply by its nature wifi is more prone to interference. Dropped signals can be very annoying when you are trying to watch a show or listen to music, more latency can interfere with gaming and lower speeds will affect the overall quality of the information being received.
Wiring your Toronto home is still highly recommended as, for now, ethernet connections are still among the best options for being connected at home.


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