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Choosing the right home security system

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Toronto home security is a big business and the system you choose to secure your home will reflect the level of control you want over what your system can do.Some systems are quite unsophisticated and include sensors and triggers at key entry points and nothing more, while other systems can include multiple cameras and live surveillance depending on your requirements. In the end, the best alarm system solution will be the kind of service that the provider can deliver. Just make sure that the company you choose doesn’t coerce you into buying more security than you want or need and that all costs are disclosed upfront.
Some of the factors to consider when choosing a home security system include:
Customer service
Equipement options
How easily the company can integrate the system into your home and life
Home security is expected to provide you with a level of comfort and peace-of-mind knowing that your family is safe and your belongings secure. However, a nice perk to having a security system is a lower cost to your home insurance – in many cases, this is not an insignificant amount and can total to a nice sum at the end of the year.
Three of the top security systems in Canada include Frontpoint, Reliance Protection and Protect America.
Reliance Protection is the only top three providers that is available in all provinces. It has an excellent customer service reputation, but was recently acquired by ADT, so things might not stay that way for long.
Frontpoint comes in next only because it is not available in Quebec. In every other respect, Frontpoint is stands out from the crowd. It has great customer service, a three-year warranty on equipment, easy installation and offers the latest technologies. The only drawback is the fact that it can’t provide service is you live in an area that is not covered by cellphone service.
Protect America is only available in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia for the moment. But they have competitive pricing and high quality equipment. However, they have very agressive sales people and don’t offer free cellular monitoring.


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