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The evolution of home security

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Home security in Toronto has gone from neighbourhood watches to super-sophisticated computers and cameras that can detect friends from foes and give you far more control over your private sphere when you are away than ever before.
Home security used to consist of neighbours watching out for each other. Then came the home alarm system. Pressure sensors that could detect forced entry at various spots in your home including ground floor windows and doors. These alarm system were/are generally monitored and the alarm company will send public security officers to your home as soon as a signal is detected. Next came laser sensors and cameras. Toronto homes that needed more security could have cameras installed – monitored or not. Just having a camera visible would automatically deter would-be intruders.
Security pads instead of keys became popular for a while but didn’t seem to catch on as widely as expected although they are still a secure way of keeping your home safe. Now there are also finger print key pads for your doors that will ensure that only those who have registered fingerprints are allowed inside.
Today, these same kind of camera home security systems have become incredibly sophisticated. One of the most advanced is the Nest Cam IQ. The next generation of Nest technology has produced a powerful 4K sensor with a 1080p HD camera offering a 130 degree recording angle that can be zoomed in to capture details. It also comes with the Nest Aware software that enables it to recognize faces so that you don’t have to worry each time a relative or friend comes over.
Not only does the Nest Cam IQ come with a revolutionary camera, but is also comes with noise a noise cancelling microphone and extra loud speakers. The speakers can address intruders from beyond your boundary line, while the microphone will pick-up their conversations clearly.
The best part? You can monitor it easily from your smart device and it is on 24/7 so you don’t have to be.
Home security has certainly come a long way and we are fortunate that we have such powerful tools at our disposal for giving us that peace-of-mind.Another very good resource if you are interested in home security is the Home Alarm Guide published by the consumeraffairs.com website. Check it out for more information!


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