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Manual vs Electric Garage Doors

313 161 Nisha Muire
Are you thinking of replacing your Toronto garage door? Deciding between replacing it with a manual or electric garage door can be a tricky decision to make. Although there are clear advantages for one over the other – especially given our cold winters, there are other factors that you might want to consider before deciding.
Manual garage doors
Spring-loaded for easy opening
Low maintenance
Relatively inexpensive to install
Still work during a power outage
Not dependent on electricity or technology to open/close
Must get out of your car to open the door
Locking and unlocking is sometimes not possible for both the inside and outside
Loud opening
Electric garage doors
Convenient – can be opened/closed from your car with a remote
Quiet operation (more sophisticated models)
Has safety features including sensors that stop the door from closing if someone is in the way
More expensive
Require more maintenance
Remotes require batteries
Don’t work during power failures


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