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Gas Fireplaces

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Toronto winters can be long and shivery. Installing a fireplace is always a popular idea yet many urban municipalities no longer permit wood-burning fireplaces due to the emissions they produce. However, gas fireplaces are a viable alternative, which offer many benefits over the traditional wood models.
One of the biggest draws of the gas fireplace is that it is so clean. There are no messy embers to deal with, no yearly cleaning of your chimney and no grate to sweep up and empty periodically.
The other very convenient aspect of gas fireplaces is that you can turn them on with one click of a remote or with your thermostat. You don’t have to fiddle with matches or paper to get the fire going and you don’t have to tend it to make sure that it doesn’t go out. You just set it to the temperature that you want and let it do the rest. In fact, you can even program them so that they turn on automatically when the temperature drops below a certain level. And, turning it off is just as easy – one click and it’s done.
Installing a gas fireplace is also very simply when compared to installing a wood burning one. As long as they are properly vented outside, you don’t have a build a chimney or any other very complicated infrastructure.
Lastly, a gas fireplace in your Toronto home means a constant flame for consistent heat – no fluctuations and a more comfortable environment.
The cons of having a gas fireplace are clear: a higher cost than that of buying cords of wood and the warm, cozy feeling of sitting in front of a crackling fire with the smokey smell of burning wood. The atmosphere created by a wood burning fireplace cannot be replicated by a gas fireplace, although it does come very close.


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