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Should you install security cameras?

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Installing security cameras at your Toronto home can be a question of security, but also one of privacy. When it comes to whether or not to install cameras, there are a few points to take into consideration beforehand.
The biggest consideration is privacy. How much privacy are your family members willing to give up in order for a more secure existence? While exterior cameras are not as invasive as interior ones, it is definitely a conversation to have with your family to ascertain just what kind of cameras are needed for your family to feel secure.
The next item to consider is cost. A real security camera system is quite expensive and can range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The cost will also depend on whether you have a company install and monitor your cameras versus whether you buy the system and install and monitor it yourself.
Security cameras are great at deterring theft as they provide a secure way of evidence gathering against intruders. Evidence gathered from a security camera can help to identify as well as to convict burglars.
The drawback to cameras, though, is that any slightly savvy and determined burglar will be aware of the latest security technologies and will find a way around whatever checks you put into place. However, a security camera will give them pause and just knowing that they will have that added obstacle might be enough to keep them at bay.
So, in the end installing cameras can be a very good way of deterring theft, but you must also consider your out-of-pocket costs, monthly maintenance and whether your privacy will be too greatly impacted.


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