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Smart Home (Automation) Technology

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Smart Toronto homes are the way of the future. With advances in what automation can do to improve and facilitate everything in our lives from locking our doors remotely to monitoring who is going in and out, there are gadgets that can answer nearly every want.
In the past a wired home was the ultimate in modernity. Now, a wired home is slowly going the way of the dinosaur. While all homes need one hardwired connection for a router or other network adaptor, many don’t even require that with occupants working of their mobile device data plans through WiFi. Now, smart homes are so much more. Here we take a look at four devices that will change the way you live.
Curb Energy: Monitoring Device
This nifty device attaches to the inside circuit breaker panel in the garage and monitors real-time energy consumption data for your entire home. It is terrific way to see where your highest energy consumption takes place and helps you to cutdown on energy costs quickly and efficiently.
Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat
Install this in your hallway or living room and let it do the rest. Although it will need to connect to every room in your home, it reads the temperature of every room and then adjusts the temperature to the room you are in so that you don’t have cold spots or hot spots – just a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout. It saves energy and money. The best part – you can control it remotely from your Android or iPhone.
Sonos Wireless Speaker System
All you music buffs will want to have this installed as soon as you can in your Toronto home! This clever sounds system allows you to play anything anywhere in your home. As long as you’ve installed the speaker in the desired spots, you can control who hears what from any part of your home.
Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs
Naturally having LED light bulbs are all the rage – energy efficient and long-lasting they have revolutionized the way people approach lighting. However, the Philips Hue Smart light bulbs can let you program them to mimic sunrises and sunset and can even turn different colours according to who messages you!
As homes get smarter technology will slowly get woven into every facet of our lives – until we can no longer remember a time we didn’t have some kind of gadget taking care of every need.


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