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Keeping Your Roof On

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The roof of your Toronto home is what protects it from the elements, provides you with a warm, dry place to live and shields your belongings from the elements. The key to taking care of your roof is maintenance. Although no one really wants to put in the time and effort required to ensure that their roof is in good shape, a yearly check-up of the basic points is all you need to keep your roof going for year to come.
Yearly Check
Given the severity of the Toronto winter, every spring after the snows have melted you should set aside some time to go over your roof. If you are unable (or unwilling) to climb up to take a look at what the winter wrought, then hiring a reputable roofer to give is a thorough once-over is a good idea. If you go up on the roof yourself, be sure to wear good rubber boots that have sufficient grip on them and have someone spotting you when you climb up. These yearly checks can help you spot problems when they are small enough to warrant a quick fix.
Gutter Care
Making sure that your gutters are not blocked, cracked or otherwise unserviceable is another very important aspect to roof care. A moist roof will deteriorate much more quickly than a dry one. Allowing water runoff a proper place to drain will help to keep your roof dry. So, during the roof check in the spring, be sure to check that your gutters haven’t accumulated any debris over the winter. In the fall, once the leaves have fallen, be sure to clean out any errant leaves that might have clogged up your gutter.
Timely Repairs
Nothing can beat making repairs as and when you see them on your roof. A small leak is easily fixed, but if left unchecked can lead to extensive damage – not only to your roof, but to the underlying structure as well.
Your roof can last a good 20-25 years with the proper care. As long as you take the time to maintain it, you won’t have to worry about what is over your head.


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