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Toronto Home Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

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During the holidays Toronto homes turn into stunning examples of creativity and originality as homeowners enthusiastically decorate their properties to reflect the festive atmosphere. Not only does a decorated home add to the beauty of the structure, but the softly reflecting lights brighten the snow surrounding the property and add a gentle, ethereal glow to the setting. Driving down streets where each home is decorated in this manner can be a truly enchanting experience – something that we’re sure most of you recognize.

Getting your home ready for the holidays doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive undertaking. While the traditionalists will want to trim their houses with lights, there are simple, easy ways to spruce up your dwelling for the season without breaking your bank or spending time-consuming hours stringing lights up. A great way to brighten your home is to simply add colorful, holiday-themed accents to the existing structures of your house. For instance, tie an ever-green branch and a sprig of holly to your mail box using red ribbons, or create a tower of trees in your unused flower pots using extra ornaments and hot glue.

Holiday wreaths can easily be made out of twigs and branches twisted around a metal frame using florist wire – add a few ornaments and tie it off with a wide, colorful ribbon and you have home-made beauty for your front door. Another DIY idea for a holiday wreath is to create one by hot-gluing extra ornaments together to form a circle; again, tying a bright ribbon around it is the ideal way to hang it. If you are worried about scratching your door, cutting a strip of felt and using hot glue to secure it to the back of the wreath will create a soft barrier between it and your door.

When it comes to lighting, instead of using traditional lights that cost a fortune in electricity, it is worth investing in LED lights that will last longer, provide the same kind of glow but will also save on energy costs. Another great idea when it comes to exterior holiday lighting is to purchase solar-powered lights. Relatively new to the market, these lovely lights charge during the day to twinkle at night. Perfect for people who don’t want the hassle of plugging lights in, turning them on and worrying about removing them after the holidays, they can be purchased at any number of big box stores as well as online.

Toronto homes never look better than during the holiday period. If you want some terrific decorating ideas, you can always turn to the internet for hundreds of inexpensive and creative ways to spruce up your place for the season.