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Organizing your garage

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If you have a garage in Toronto, you are among those fortunate enough to have space to park your car. If you are like a large number of families out there, your garage is your dumping ground and rarely used for actually parking your car. However, you can change that with a clear mission of how to use the space you have.

One of the main reasons that people tend to ignore their garages and use them for storage is because they are rarely finished properly. Usually they have drywall up with concrete flooring. Occasionally the walls with be damaged through the years making the whole atmosphere that much more uninviting. Hence the first thing to do in your attempt to organize your garage is to properly finish it. Paint the walls to brighten the space and use an epoxy on the floor to make it easier to clean and maintain.

Next, figure out dedicated spots for everything you need to store in your garage. If you have a lot of bulky, seasonal items such as decorations, outdoor furniture or camping gear, consider getting a storage system that hangs from the ceiling. These systems can usually be accessed either through a pulley system or, with the more expensive kind, an electric system that will lower the shelving automatically. You can also invest in shelving that sits high off the floor to free up floor space. Use hooks for hanging bikes and invest in sturdy shelving to organize tools, garden implements and other items usually found in garages.

If you want a workshop, then consider installing a workbench at the back of the garage along with a worktable and use peg board or some of the more sophisticated mounting systems for hanging tools in easy to access places.

Garages are a blessing and a bane – they provide space and storage and a convenient spot for parking. However, they can also be frustrating when they get cluttered up. By organizing your garage, you will be able to turn your dumping ground into a usable and convenient space that will enhance your quality of life immensely.


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