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Doorless showers

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If you are looking to renovate the ensuite in your Toronto home and would like to increase its size, open up the flow and give it a stylish look, then consider installing a doorless shower stall. These new-again showers are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. Not only are doorless shower stalls attractive in any setting, they are also very practical. However, when it comes to installing a doorless shower stall there a certain things to keep in mind.

Unless you want a flooded bathroom, you need to be sure that the floor of your shower is properly sloped towards the drain in the floor. For this reason, installing a doorless shower is not entirely DIY-friendly. It will also require more intricate tile work. However, if you really don’t want the potential of water leaking all over your bathroom, installing a small lip around the shower is a good idea. A half wall or a glass wall are also two very good ways of mitigating water seepage from a doorless shower. Providing ample room as a splash zone is always a good thing, and lastly, choosing the right shower head can mean all the difference between a wet and dry bathroom. A rain head tends to cause less splash and will also give your shower a very spa-inspired look and feel.

Another thing to consider carefully with a doorless shower is the flooring or tile that you choose for the base. It is best to choose something that will provide grip when wet and not be entirely slippery. Also, it is best not to replace all of the bathtubs in your Toronto home with walk-in showers as it will decrease your home’s resale value given that many buyers require at least one tub in a property.

Walk-in showers can give your ensuite a sophisticated look and feel. They are also far more accessible that showers with tubs. Interestingly enough, doorless showers were normal in many parts of the world and are now coming over to North America – and are being embraced for their ease of use, lower maintenance and contemporary look.

With so many pros, a doorless shower might be the perfect solution for your next bathroom reno.


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