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Night Photography

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Night photography in real estate marketing is the icing on the cake when it comes to selling. If done well, it can really add to your home’s appeal. If not done well, then it can really drag your sales potential down.

Having the right marketing materials in your sales arsenal is among the key ingredients to a quick and lucrative sale for your Toronto home. It is no longer enough to simply advertise your home in the newspaper and to stick a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn. You need to have the right online presence, you need the right brochures and you definitely need the right photography to sell your residence in all of these highly visual forums.

Night photography is a specialized art form that can help make the best and most lasting impression on potential home buyers. If your property has been beautifully landscaped and is showcased by well-placed lighting, then it only makes sense to show it off after the sun has set. Night shots of a well-lit and professionally landscaped property can be truly spectacular and dramatic.

Some of the benefits that realtors have found when using professional photography to sell homes – especially night photography:

– Helps generate leads
– Helps sell homes more consistently
– Listings with professional photography sell for higher prices
– It impresses current clients
– Helps to attract new clients

Imaginahome Inc.’s professional photographers are experts at getting the best visuals for your marketing needs – and when it comes to night photography, they are second to none. If you’re on the market to sell your Toronto home, be sure that your realtor knows about what Imaginahome can do to help sell your property quickly and for the price you want.


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